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Sep 25, 2018

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing Graphene HAB-068H Physical Therapy Eye Mask


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Meet Graphene HAB-068H Physical Therapy Eye Mask
There are many kinds of eye mask in the world, such as heating eye mask, simply-function sleep mask, disposable hot steam eye mask and so on. However, though all of these eye mask only can help temporary relaxation, they could rarely give you internal positive effect. This heating eye mask can block out day light and street light and help you relax and fall asleep quickly. The strap can be stretched easily and the temperature can be adjusted to your most comfortable level. It is super helpful to relieve the fatigue of your eyes after working in front of computer screens or driving for a long time. This sleep mask can improve your sleep quality effectively and provides you a peaceful and wonderful sleep.

Simple design and light material makes this eye mask easy to carry so that you can enjoy an eye SPA anytime and anywhere. It can be connected to the port of computer, power bank, USB adapter, cars and so on. This eye mask would be your sleep aid during traveling and provide you high quality of relax. It is a superb travel and daily life companion.

This eye mask uses graphene, a high-tech new material, as its heating element. The advantages of this material are light, safe, stable performance and long service life. Wavelength of the far-infrared radiation generated by the graphene heating film is similar to the wavelength of human body. This attribute can promote blood circulation and increase cell regeneration and therefore lead to better health. In addition, this heating eye mask is set to work for one hour each time and then power off automatically. Therefore, it is safe to wear as a sleep mask. Low required voltage for working is another safety factor of this product

Graphene HAB-068H Physical Therapy Eye Mask Features  
- The world’s First Graphene Physical Therapy Eye Mask. Now, there is an eye mask, Grahope heated eye mask which combines the external and internal effect thanks to a high-tech new material graphene, a new physics material maybe you never hear of. The secret of the material is the far infrared. By heating up, it will emit far infrared light which can penetrate deeply into our body and provide physical therapy. Check out the Grahope heating eye mask to see how it is so “unique”.
- A great treat for your eyes. Everyone must once went through lack of sleep or long-time working with computer, which undoubtedly causes dry puffy, and tired eyes. It is essential to have a SPA for your eyes at such a moment. It brings excellent comfort and relaxation by stimulating blood circulation while wearing the eye mask. Also , it helps you fall asleep quickly by relaxing your facial muscles and blocking out all light. Perfect to use at night if you want to have a stress-free sleep and refresh your brain.
- Bring internal health to your eyes. It is widely believed that the far-infrared is healthy to human body because the far-infrared wavelength emitted by the graphene heating film is 6-14μm,which is
very close to human body itself, so that this mask is perfect to provide physical therapy. Frequently using grahope heating eye mask can not only help soothing dry and tired eyes, but also help eliminating your eye wrinkles and dark circle.
- Easy to use and comfy to wear. Light material makes this eye therapy mask soft and easy to carry around. The feature of zero pressure and 360°shading provide comfortable feel. You can enjoy it with no pain by the elastic and soft strap and adjust the strap to fit your head size.It can be used anytime and anywhere you like. Just simply plug the power-saving USB cord to power bank, PC or USB adapter to power up it. No matter you want a short break or a deep sleep this electronic heating eye mask can improve the quality of your relaxation.
- High safe factor. Safety is a common concern with eye area since it is sensitive. Grahope heating eye mask is set to work for 1 HOUR EACH TIME. This automatic shut-off function makes it safe to use when sleeping and no need to worry about long-time heating after falling asleep. To make it start again, just simply press the power button. Low driving voltage is required for powering up this eye mask and it can be heated without causing electromagnetic radiation ,Low voltage to 3.7V while other mask is 220V .
- Adjust the temperature to your preferred level. High-tech new material graphene is used as the heating element in our product and it can provide even surface heating. You can control the temperature of this eye mask by pressing switch button to change the power. There are three different modes of temperature (low, medium and high) ranged from 100.4°F to 113°F. The temperature can be adjusted to your preferred level.
- Very affordable price.  The last but not the least, can you believe that such an 'unique' Grahope heating eye mask is only pricing at $26.39 on Amazon? Grahope company want its high-tech new material could go into our normal life and do contribution to human health. Every one can be affordable.

Key Effects of Far-infrared Physical Therapy
- Vitalizes bio-molecular activation;
- Analgesic effect;
- Strengthens immunity function;
- Regulates autonomic nervous system;
- Skincare and beauty;
- Anti-inflammatory effect. 

How to use
Long press to turn on / off the eye mask
- Red - High heating
- Blue - Medium heating
- Green - Low heating
1-hour working time automatically turn off.

Graphene HAB-068H Physical Therapy Eye Mask Specifications
Brand: Graphene Times / Grahope
Model: HAB-068H D31805
Product name: Graphene Eye Mask
Material: SBR Sponge
Color: Black

Temperature control mode: Line Control
Power connection: Plug USB cable into charging point to connect the power supply
Power input: 5V, 2A
3 heating model: Ranged from 100.4°F to 113°F

Dimension: 690*86 mm
Operating power: 5-8 W
Product code: X000N48F3H

Package Content
1 x Graphene HAB-068H Physical Therapy Eye Mask
1 x USB cable temperature control line CW-D1
1 x Multi-language User Manual
(English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian) 
1 x Quality Check certificate


Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here. Official webpage here. Grahope Facebook page here.  

About Grahope. Grahope New Materials (GNM) was founded by Professor Feng Guanping, who is a China graphene industry pioneer, honorary president of Jiangnan Graphene Research Institute, and president of Shenzhen Graphene Association. As the world's first high-tech enterprise that has implemented industrial application of graphene, GNM focuses on the R&D of graphene heating technology and the application of graphene products. It has created the world-leading patented technology of graphene heating film and filed over 100 invention patents. GNM has won many international awards for its industry-leading products.

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