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Mar 30, 2018

Advantages Of Smartphones With 2-Way Radio Feature

As technological advances progress at a rapid pace, the demand of telecommunication devices to support more and more features also increases. The full potential of a mobile device has yet to be fully unlocked. One of the major ways that Jesy has jumped ahead of the curve is with the Jesy J7 Intercom Edition. By combining modern features of the smartphone with 2-way radio technology, the J7 is the perfect communication device for any user in any industry.

What are the advantages of the Jesy J7 2-Way Radio Edition?
1. Transmit data and information through telecom networks, wifi, or radio communication
2. Large 2-way communication radius allowing for strong and clear signals
3. Communicate securely without outside interference
4. In places with weak cellular signals, the 2-way radio is the best workaround.
5. Once 2-way connections are established, operation is as simple as a button press.
6. Reduce monthly cost of mobile cellular data
7. Full featured smartphone and 2-way radio functionality all in one package!

Despite some of these obvious advantages, the Jesy J7 is the perfect device for those who travel outdoors, go on adventures, work in tourism sector, are part of the public security/law enforcement, work in forestry, urban management, city planning, property management, mining, and other hospitality jobs.

Because many of these activities are outdoors, many environmental factors cannot be controlled. In addition, the device must be accident proof to allow for care-free use no matter what the situation calls for. When taking these requirements into account, the Jesy J7 is the perfect smartphone and 2-way radio combination that protects you from water, dust, and many other environmental hazards.

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