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Dec 11, 2017

AZDOME GS65H Dash Cam Front And Rear Help You Travel Safely,Enjoy The Pleasure of Traveling

Nowadays there are more and more people who had a car, and most of the drivers will choose to self-driving. Different from the familiar road condition, people who travel abroad are not familiar with life and traffic condition, especially when the journey is far away, it is necessary to pay more attention to the safety of driving. You want to ensure travel safety, AZDOME GS65H dash cam front and rear is definitely your best partner for driving safety.

In order to provide more safety and comprehensive help, AZDOME, the tech-strong dash cam safety leader, has launched the latest AZDOME GS65H DASH CAM front and rear. It can be widely used in different grades and types of the car so that the driver who lacks the driving safety assistance system has a good choice.

AZDOME GS65H dash cam can, with front and rear two super-clear cameras and 150°wide angle, extended the vision to four car lanes for the car, allowing it to know the surrounding environment and let the driver in the car can take a glance, greatly improve the safety of driving. In fact, after traveling, besides the scenery along the way, more than the warm time with your family. AZDOME GS65H rear HD camera allows you to take a family photo or take a photo of your pet.

The image was taken by AZDOME GS65H dash cam front and rear are highly defined and belong to 1080p, which can provide the clear image and to protect driver’s right and benefit when necessary. in addition, the AZDOME GS65H dash cam has no-light night vision, when the night road lighting is poor or on the suburban mountain road, this function can provide clear and accurate surrounding road conditions for the driver at night driving and greatly improve the safety factor of driving at night.

When traveling, the jolly mood to enjoy the scenery and relax are based on safe driving. But travel on the way, all kinds of traffic accidents cannot be prevented, such as racketeer, scraping and so on, in order to ensure the safety of driving, install an AZDOME dash cam GS65h for your car, double way ultra clear video, accompany you to travel safety.

Besides, it is necessary to check the car condition before going out, plan the route properly, fasten the seat belt when driving, don’t overspend, don’t change the lane at will, don’t fatigue driving. When driving, listen to the radio broadcast and pay any attention to the traffic warning on the road display. Once you get to the congested section or encounter traffic control, make a detour in time, take the direction of the traffic police to ensure the safety of the journey.

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