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Apr 13, 2017

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing Xiaomi Xiaoyi Smart Dash Car DVR Camera

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Xiaomi Xiaoyi Smart Dash Car DVR Camera Description
The YI Smart Dash Camera combines many top features of all the dash cameras on the market and provides protection to you and your car with ultimate performance and affordability. Designed with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), the camera analyzes data such as speed and the distance of the vehicle in front and sends real-time audio alerts in the event of straying from the lane or driving too close to the vehicle in front of yours. YI Smart Dash Camera supports 1920x1080p full HD at 60fps, 2304x1296p ultra high-definition at 30fps, bright, clear and sharp images even at high speeds.

The Xiaoyi Youth Edition (model number – YCS.1015.CN) sports a dual-core A12 + digital signal processor (DSP) and lens at aperture of F1.8 and 165 degrees of wide angle FOV. The camera is capable of recording videos at 1296p (UHD) at 30 fps. But it also supports video recording at 1920x1080p at 60 fps and 30 fps. The output format is MP4 with H.264 decoding. There is also a 2.7-inch TFT LCD screen at a resolution of 960×240 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio, a 240mAh Li-Polymer battery, a micro SD card slot for memory extension up to 64GB, WiFi support at 802.11n band and so on. And as it’s a car DVR the presence of ADAS is just necessary. This camera comes at dimensions of 74×19.4×52.4mm and weighs 74 grams. It is available in grey and light brown. The housing of the camera is made of plastic, and this is one of the main reasons why it’s so light.

Car DVR, specially designed device for all car enthusiasts
YI CAR CAM combines high standards and functions of already existing in the current market DVRs. Our goal was to maximize the performance of the device for the optimal price. Yi Car DVR has a special additional Smart feature ADAS, which analyzes the speed, distance and other data, allows to determine the hazards arising from the surrounding objects while driving, and to warn the driver about them. YI CAR CAM supports the FULL HD resolution of 1920 × 1080p 60fps and the maximum resolution of 2304 × 1296p 30fps, so you will get a high-quality 1080p 30fps video.

Smart System ADAS
Modern image recognition algorithms, real-time detection of road markings and vehicle departure from them, control of distance between vehicles and a voice warning to the driver about occurrence of unsafe situations on the road. It also has a sensor that will detect the impact force (weak, medium, high). In the case of an accident, the device will automatically provide all information about it, preventing the emergence of conflicts between traffic participants.

Wide viewing angle of 165°, covering three traffic lanes
The question of the presence of blind zones in the DVR is one of the most important. That is why we have equipped the YI CAR CAM with wide-angle glass lens, viewing angle of which reaches 165° and easily covers three lanes. High sensitivity, real and detailed reconstitution of the situation on the road.

Night mode
One indication of the DVR class is the quality of its night filming. Most of the traffic accidents happen during the night. Driver fatigue, dim light of street lamps, sharp glare of headlights and many other factors greatly increase the risk of road traffic accidents occurrence. High resolution lens of YI CAR CAM is made of display glass 6G, it has an aperture f/1.8 and an upscale photosensitive matrix 3.0 × 3.0μm, which as a result provide the high quality of night filming. The YI CAR CAM will provide a clear and colorful video recording, even in low light conditions, besides, you will not need an additional light source.

Qualitative night filming
The aperture of the lens receives the maximum amount of light, the larger the light permeability is, the more qualitative is the image obtained in low light conditions. Aperture f/1.8 of Smart YI CAR CAM DVR shows that the ratio of the lens diaphragm relative to the aperture is 1 / 1.8. Theoretically, increasing the amount of input light rays complicates the design of the device increases its weight and increases the production costs in several times. In our case, the increasing of the lens aperture had almost no impact on the cost of the DVR.

Built-in WiFi
The device has a built-in wireless module 2.4G, through which you can open the app to view the video in real time, or to check the history of recording. Even going on a long trip, you need to bring a Smart DVR YI CAR CAM and safely overcome any distance.

Widescreen Display 2.7″ with aspect ratio 16:9
A widescreen high permeable 2.7″ LCD display with aspect ratio 16 : 9, wider viewing angle, recording during the whole way. Large touch-sensitive buttons, more convenient and easy control, long service life. External smooth surface of buttons is environmentally friendly and has a pleasant texture. ICON New design, more simple and intuitive interface.

A clear high-definition video 1080p 60fps, H.264 video compression
Specially designed chip and a frame rate of 60fps provide the high-speed recording of the road situation, clear and bright video image to restore the actual situation on the road. The newest H.264 video compression technology provides the razor sharp picture in pixels, thus allowing you to save even more hours of video in the device memory.

New design for device cooling
During operation of the DVR, cold air is entering through the bottom holes, hot — is coming out of the upper. Under favorable operating conditions, the life of the device may increase significantly. New YI CARCAM fashionable design has many symmetrically placed holes that enhance the effectiveness of the air circulation in the device and improve heat dissipation. Our DVR is resistant to fire, eco-friendly, wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, has the UV protection, does not contain lead, has no specific smell, so we can ensure its long-term stable operation.

Wear-resistant and flame-resistant device
T-shaped slot is designed for convenient and easy mounting of the DVR to a special bracket, so the YI CAR CAM will not fall while driving. Thanks to it your trip will be accompanied by safety and reliability.

Not losing any detail
Use of quality PU varnish for coloring the body, pleasant tactile sensations upon contact with metal surfaces of the device. As a result of rigorous testing, we can note that the material of the YI CAR CAM DVR is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, resistant to high and low temperatures. More important is that the device has a solar control coating, does not contain toxic substances, has no specific odor, is ecologically safe, and its high quality lens “picks up” every little detail.

Ultra-high resolution 1296p UHD (high accuracy of interpolation)
- The pixel density is higher by 44%, compared to 1080p, clearer picture
- 1296p 30fps Full HD video

Clear video image
The camera lens is made up of six special optical lenses and one infrared filter, which neutralizes the blinding light and helps to record a clear and vivid Full HD video.

- 6G display glass
- f/1.8 aperture
- Light impingement
- Sharpening
- Color Correction
- Distortion Correction
- Blocking of interference
- Calibration of light
- Narrowing the beam
- Photosensitive matrix

Precise technologies, excellent characteristics
To combine powerful features with high level of safety, our engineers and designers together with experts from Germany, Taiwan, Japan, worked thoroughly on the development of the construction and each part of the device. For coloring the body, we used the special qualitative PU varnish, which has the property of protection against UV rays, combined resistant to fire SABIC and PC / ABS materials, developed the special design for better air convection and cooling of the DVR, chose the advanced high-tech components and equipped the YI CAR CAM with them.

- High-resolution lenses 6G
- High light-sensitive component 4.0V / Lux-sec
- 2.7-inch LCD display with an aspect ratio of 16: 9
- Special dual-core chip (built-in technology of low power consumption DSP)

Temperature stability, clear and sharp image
The YI CAR CAM DVR lens consists of six special optical lenses in combination with an infrared light filter, which provide a wide viewing angle of 165°. Thanks to the high qualitative lens, the image remains sharp and clear both when recording the video in daylight and during night filming.

Image Sensor Aptina AR0230 by the American supplier company
We used the image sensor Aptina AR0230 with dynamic interval (HDR) by the advanced American company-supplier of electronics ONSEMI, the size of which is 1 / 2.7". It helps to create the high-qualitative video with recording speed (HD) 1080p 60fps. Support for HDR video provides a motion compensation optimization, an optimal algorithm of local displaying of color shades (ALTM) and a digital lateral overflow (DLO), reducing image distortions and optimizing HDR color rendering.

The matrix of photosensitive pixels
Smart YI CAR CAM DVR is equipped with a high-qualitative photosensitive sensor 4.0V / Lux-sec with a pixel size of 3.0 × 3.0μm, thanks to which the quality of night filming got better twice, compared to conventional DVRs.

The unique 40nm chip
For Smart YI CAR CAM DVR, we have chosen a special new 40nm A12 chip — a high-performance dual-core CPU + DSP processor, which makes it possible to record the video ADAS + 1296p 30fps / 1080p 60fps. Advanced H.264 video compression technology with low power consumption level allows you to record more hours of video on a limited memory space. Low power consumption DSP technology provides fast image processing, high performance and safety.

4 buttons — preview, more convenient control
Smart YI CAR CAM is equipped with a 2.7-inch widescreen LCD display with an aspect ratio of 16 : 9, for easy preview and video playback. Rich colors, qualitative image (960 × 240 pixels), good dynamic response, absence of interferences, viewing angle is up to 165°. 4 handy functional buttons, thanks to which you can easily control the DVR.

Second generation of e-HDR
A clear and high-qualitative image regardless of various adverse conditions such as entering the tunnel, departure from the underground parking or other circumstances in which there are too much darkened and illuminated places. The wide dynamic range technology e-HDR, compared with the conventional WDR technology, increases the dynamic range by 25%.

Automatically overwriting the old data
Continuous video recording. If the memory card is full, the system automatically deletes the old data. As a result, the DVR records every second without any failures and does not miss a single moment.

Normal recording
Support for the Full HD 1080p 30fps / 60fps video and for the ultra-high resolution video 1296p UHD. Recording of every moment when the vehicle is moving at high speed.

Recording in emergency cases
In a collision or sudden braking of a vehicle, the DVR automatically starts recording the emergency to fix the real events, which will help in case of further litigation between participants of a road accident.

Shock sensor
Video recording in case of emergency, in a collision or sudden braking of the vehicle. The sensor also captures the force of impact (weak, medium, high).

Recording function 

Enable / Disable video recording function, protecting the personal data confidentiality.

Beautiful and fashionable exterior design
Using the qualitative PU varnish for coloring the body, pleasant tactile sensations on contact with the metal surfaces of the device. As a result of rigorous testing, we can note that the material of the YI CAR CAM DVR is durable and environmentally safe.

Shock-absorption and fire-resistant material
Using fire-resistant SABIC and PC / ABS materials, which are characterized by wear resistance, corrosion resistance, UV protection, high impact resistance, resistance to high / low temperatures. Therefore, as a result of long-term use, even when exposed to UV rays, you will not find yellowing or other signs of aging of the DVR. We did not use any screws for the outer casing of YI CAR CAM, while the presence of the anti-vibration lining ensures stable and reliable layout of a circuit board even during the movement of the vehicle.

The best ratio of price and quality
The specialists from Germany, Taiwan and Japan have worked together with our (Chinese) engineers and designers on the creation of Smart YI CAR CAM. As a result of our fruitful teamwork we have created an incredible Smart YI CAR CAM, which, in addition to its high performance and advanced technologies, has an excellent price-performance ratio.

Xiaomi YI Dashcam application Description
YI Dash Camera App is designed specifically for YI Dash Camera on phone. The app is connecting YI Dash camera through Wi-Fi to preview, playback, share and set etc.

More about YI Dash Camera
1. Recording at 60fps HD 165 degree wide angle, features star-class light sensor components
2. ADAS smart driving assist system provides car track deviation and dangerous car distance warning
3. The built-in Wi-Fi let you share moments with one key

Download Xiaomi YI Dashcam latest Android version 2.0.5 from Xiaomi-Pedia.com.

Xiaomi Xiaoyi Smart Dash Car DVR Camera Specifications
Brand: Xiaomi Xiaoyi
Color: Golden, Gray (Optional)
Shooting configuration: High fidelity h.264 encoding, MP4 format
Audio: Microphone, Loudspeaker
Memory function: Support the C10 (reading speed of 80 MB/s or higher) level above 8GB and 64GB
Material: SABIC flame retardant PC/ABS material
Fixed way: Glass sucker type
The power supply mode: Car cigarette lighter: 12 to 24V power supply
The lens: F1.8 large aperture, 165°ultra wide angle lens
Screen: TFT LCD 16:9960*240Dot-matrix delta
Battery: 240mAh Li-Polymer
Power: ≤ 4.0W
Video coding: H.264 encoding, MP4 format
Support the resolution: 1920 * 1080P 60 frames, 1920 * 1080P 30 frames, 2304 * 1296P 30 frames (high precision software interpolation)
Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11n
Support smartphone system: Only for Android 4.1 IOS 7.0 Above Smartphone
Product size: Approx. 7.4 * 1.94 * 5.24cm/ 2.9 * 0.8 * 2.1in
Product weight: Approx. 74g/ 2.6oz
Package size: Approx. 18 * 11 * 6cm/ 7.1 * 4.3 * 2.4in
Package weight: Approx. 366g/ 12.9oz

Product code: YCS.1015.CN / PA3566GY / XCG V1.2 / 6970171170694 / CABAAACNC01706001243
CMIIT ID: 2016DP0314
Standard: GB/T29298-2012

Package content 
1 x Xiaomi Xiaoyi Smart Dash Car DVR Camera
x Car Power adapter
1 x Suction Cup mount
x USB cable
1 x Chinese User manual

Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here. Official webpage here (Chinese) & here (English).   


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