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Jan 8, 2017

Vernee Aesthetics: to be unparalleled or to die!

If you bought a new coat, and find every body wears the same one when you go out, will you wear it again the next day? If Ferrari or Lamborghini sport cars lose their terrific appearances and become similar to Toyota Corolla, will you be crazy about them still?

Therefore, the differentiation of design is actually an important factor in consumer buying behaviour. And this is also true for smartphone purchase. For example, Samsung Galaxy S5 didn’t sell well because it resembled S3 and S4 in design. As a result, the director was changed. And until they differentiated the design on S6, the sales goes up. The same goes to iPhone. Many Apple followers complained that even though the hardware of iPhone 7 is upgraded, the appearance is much like its previous generation.

Now the homogenization of smartphone is more and more serious. Take OnePlus 3 for example. Its upper half of the front looks like OPPO; the Home button looks like that of Meizu; the two antenna bands have the same design of HTC; the protruding rear camera is similar to Huawei’s; and the speaker and USB port resembles those of iPhone. If without the logo on back, you definitely can’t know whose product it is.

The reason for this homogenization is that consumers attaches greater importance to configuration than the looking and that most smartphone makers, to pursue the profit maximization, would not like to spend their time and money on the appearance design. After all, not all the consumers understand the importance of design and aesthetics. As a result, it’s harder and harder to find a smartphone with classical appearance like iPhone 4’s.

However, the makers shouldn’t just count on configuration and pricing to attract consumers. From both short-term and long-term view, it’s harmful for the development of this industry. One day, those consumers will experience aesthetic fatigue. And then by what means can the those makers attract the buyers again? And also if this phenomenon continue, there will be less choices for the consumers.

Good news is that there are still some makers like Vernee who are willing to attract consumers by designing great models like Mars. The front of Mars adopts a clean and symmetric (both horizontally and vertically) design, with no physical buttons and logo. The 2.5D display has rounded sides and corners.

Due to Gel Suspension Technology and ultra thin 1mm bezel, the screen-to-body ratio reaches up to 81%. The fingerprint sensor is located on the right side. The back cover and frame are made from 6000 series aircraft grade aluminum alloy with 18 processes.

And thanks to nano-injection molding and anodizing coloring process, the cover is firm and gorgeous. 7.6mm thickness, surface treatment with No.220 fine zircon, and rounded sides, all of them contribute to a comfortable handling experience.

Besides the marvelous industrial design, Vernee Mars is also among the first to get upgraded to Android 7.0 Nougat. This means you can experience those all-new features like drop-down settings, split-screen mode, quick app switch.

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