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Jan 16, 2017

The Best Cleaning Team: BlitzWolf BW-XRC600 & Chuwi ILIFE V7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

BlitzWolf BW-XRC600. What is the XRC600? If you’re looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that offers the latest features and remarkable performance, it’s hard to overlook the new Blitzwolf Smart Vacuum Cleaner. From vacuuming carpet to sweeping a tile floor, our creation removes the need for you to do a regular cleanup. The XRC600 is an automated floor cleaning robot that has the capacity to clean an entire floor in your home.

How does it clean?
With a set of brushes, a vacuum and a rotating dust collector it is able to clean just as good as a vacuum cleaner or a broom. When it comes to covering all areas of the floor, you have the choice of 5 modes and return to home for charging. This vacuum robot uses a systematic algorithm to clean the entire floor surface it is tasked with. It comes with a great life rechargeable battery and a compact home base to keep running and ready to use when you need it. IR sensors at the bottom detect the high gap, avoid the dropping, it will avoid the obstacles and change direction automatically by inductor.

Cleaning Modes of the XRC600
– Spot – This is for spot cleaning, it will circle around a spill and focus on the areas with the most dirt.
– Wall – The XRC600 will clean along the perimeter of the wall.
– Polygonal – The pattern of cleaning will be done in polygonal turns.
– S-Pattern – It will gradually clean from one end of the room to the other.
– Auto – A combination of all the above modes.
– Homing.

Chuwi ILIFE V7. Chuwi ILIFE V7 intelligent sweeping robot, which is the new generation household vacuum cleaner with rechargeable 2600mAh li-battery, controlled by advanced intelligent program, with the following sweeping mode: Automatically sweeping, side cleaning, special cleaning, timing cleaning and mopping. Effectively release your physical body, enjoying the wisdom cleaning life. Especially for the person who has lumbar muscle strain and lumbago problems. The big difference of this cleaner is that the noise level of this product keeps only 50dB. Even in one single room, you will not feel any noise. Additionally,there are totally 11 pairs of obstacle sensors covering the whole front side of the product, such as walls, corners, furniture, etc. No matter what they meet, big parts or small obstacles, all could be effectively detected. 

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