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Dec 7, 2016

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing Xiaomi Mi 8H Pillow Z2


You can now buy Xiaomi Mi 8H Pillow Z2 from Gearbest for only $63.16

1. Imports with Thailand pure natural latex, soft touch and high resilience with three curve design, buffer human head and neck pressure effectively.
2. Direct mining from origin country , formaldehydeless with hive air vent,  the waste heat of head and neck can be spilled out,  form a natural air conditioning system, promote natural ventilationwith double side punching design , can always maintain a healthy sleep.
3. Pillow case is make of military fabric with absorb sweat funtion, it is breathable and antibacteria. Thailand Rayong rubber industry production, 100% natural latex with faint fragrance, accompany you to sleep at ease.
4. 8H latex pillow Z2 also supports the roll process as Z1, size of the product after compression only 1/4 for you to carry it easily. 

8H - 8 hours of good sleep. Every Great Day Starts the Night Before
- Environmentally safe material — use of natural latex
- Antibacterial coating (protection against ticks) — a material that is used in medicine
- Comfort — a comfortable and natural position of head and neck
- Rational price — only 1 / 3 of the market price for similar goods

8H — favorable conditions for your sleep
1 / 3 of our life we spend lying on the pillow
1 / 4 cases of insomnia are due to uncomfortable pillows

Years of efforts of our engineers 8H, 5000 people who have personally tested and slept on this pillow, a unique manufacturing technology, maximum comfort thanks to high-quality latex.
- Size: 60×40×13mm
- Evolon Latex
- “Breathing” holes
- Using juice from seven rubber trees to create a single latex pillow 8H

True Core Natural latex from Rayong, Thailand 

High-purity natural latex is recognized as the raw material for high-end pillows. Rayong is located in Thailand. The eastern part of the country, the climate is warm and humid, is recognized as the origin of latex, its production of latex liquid quality excellence. 8H Latex pillow using Rayong natural latex liquid produced, pillow weight of 1.3kg. High-purity formula and sophisticated technology, so that 8 H latex pillow natural environmental protection, fresh smell, high elasticity. Natural latex. The characteristics of the performance has been very good.

The ergonomic design of true protection neck three curves

According to the ergonomic design of the latex pillow Z2, high and low arc curve design, beautiful curves with your head and neck at the seamless kiss. Combined, all-round decomposition of the neck pressure, whether it is Yangsui, side sleep, for the head, neck provide a full range of support, so neck and shoulder. Muscle, ligament fully relaxed, effective protection of the cervical spine. In the daily sleep, the subtle traction to the health of the cervical spine.

Really help sleep

High rebound quickly respond to changes in sleeping position. With the deepening of sleep, the body because of blood circulation blocked and nervous tension, will give the brain to change the sleeping position. Signal, most users will turn over many times. 8H latex pillow natural rebound characteristics can quickly respond to human sleep. Posture changes, which greatly reduce the power caused by overturned sleep discomfort, to maintain coherent deep sleep.

Really breathable

There are tens of thousands of vent holes outside the double-sided ventilation. After the latex through the formation of tens of thousands of small cellular pores, with 8H unique double-sided punch design to form a natural empty. Transfer system, in the sleep process can be timely in the head and neck of the waste heat and moisture shed, how sleep is not stuffy, natural ventilation.
Made of military black technology within the pillowcases

British field underwear and the Chinese navy Gulf of Aden convoy military sweatshirt, by the non-chemical antibacterial fabric CleanCool? Soft, highly elastic CleanCool® environmental antibacterial fabric, in the fiber by adding Silver Inside silver-based antimicrobial substances. Broad-spectrum inhibition of about 600 kinds of conventional harmful bacteria and NDM-1, H1N1, MRSA three super bacteria, antibacterial effectiveness of large. At 99%, and environmentally sound. Its unique trench-like fiber cross-section, can be more rapid discharge of the body when sleeping produced sweat. And moisture that keeps you dry all night. 8H to high-end military technology into civilian use, the entire pillowcase by the CleanCool made.

CleanCool® Antibacterial principle

Nano silver ion antibacterial agent within the fiber, only to kill passing bacteria. Not in direct contact with the human body, environmentally friendly. Groove-like fiber cross-section, the circular fiber cross-section than the traditional quick-drying fabric. Breathable area is larger, can be quickly discharged when sleeping produced by moisture.

Dyeing after the first skin-friendly safety

160 grams of Tianzhu cotton outer pillowcase. Outer pillowcase Tianzhu Cotton is made of 100% natural Xinjiang cotton as raw material. The fabric is soft, high elasticity and breathable. Baby skin. Fabric dyeing and weaving first, soft and natural colors, no formaldehyde, color fastness, not fade, no static. Weight of the high-grade fabric, texture super soft, comfortable to enjoy.

Double-twist knitting process, such as underwear-like pro-soft feel

8H and Muji using the same as the Indian bamboo weaving, that is, Z twist and S twist double twist mixing technology, in the increase in air permeability between the yarn. Force at the same time, the fabric is more rich in toughness and elasticity, not easy to play ball, so that the fabric is also soft and high-elastic than the underwear, personal use. There is any cumbersome sense. A breathable, high elastic skin pillow, like your second skin.

From the spinning began to open the pure sleep

8H Polygiene® was added during the pillow coat fabric spinning process. Polygiene® Silver ion antimicrobials from Sweden, in Europe by the German Association of private doctors recommended for doctors clothing. Has excellent antibacterial and odor elimination. Technology, can effectively inhibit fungi and bacteria, prevent bacterial growth of the surface of the fabric to protect the body's natural skin flora. Not affected, inhibit odor, fresh all day.

A good gift for teaser

8H initiative, the natural latex vacuum compression rolling process for pillow packaging, compression volume after the volume is only the size of the product 1/4, Small and stylish gift box with beautifully packaged boxes and storage bags, gift bags, is your teaser, to help sleep a good gift.

Craftsmanship 8H do time friends

The perfect material and process to pursue, let us learn to adhere to and focus. Every little detail is very hard, really the quality to the time to test.

Value for money
1 / 3 of the market price
1 / 3 of the market price for similar goods
Good price and quality product

Lightweight packaging
Free shipping
Open the package
Carefully read instructions
Remove the pillow
Use a special unpacking card to open the package

Latex Pillow 8H Z1
Stylish and fashionable gift box
Great gift choice

Certification by worldwide organizations
All materials are tested for the presence of harmful substances

Oeko-Tex. Pillowcase testing — certification from the worldwide organization, which tests textiles
YUV. Certification from the upscale German organization for latex testing
ISPA. Certification from the prestigious organization for testing products for sleep
GDC. Certification from the Chinese organization for prevention of diseases and testing of protective materials from penetration of various pests

Xiaomi Mi 8H Pillow Z2 Main characteristics
Brand: Xiaomi
Model: Z2
Type: Pillow
For: Adults, Kids,Teenagers
Material: Cotton, Others
The inner pillow case:  Cleancool®
The outside pillow case: Slub Cotton
Function: Anti bacterial and  mite
Smell: Natural latex fragrance
Shape: wave shape
Pillow case color: Beige
Occasion: Bedroom
Size: 600 x 400 x 100/120 mm
Weight: 1.3Kg

Product code: 196393002 / Q/321088GPM 003-2016 / GB/T 22843-2009 / GB18401-2010 B / 6970272520633 / 13843/00023444 / SKU:YAJ4001RT / E-F11-A6-301

Package Content
1 x Xiaomi Mi 8H Pillow Z2

2 x Outside pillow case
1 x Special unpacking card (cutter)
1 x Chinese User Guide

Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here. Here you can read about the unboxing of Xiaomi Mi 8H Pillow Z1.


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