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Dec 27, 2016

RV1108 Visual Processing Solution Drive Test Results First Released

As an advanced graph and image processing technology, WDR(Wide Dynamic Range)technology directly influences the video shooting effect. The comparison of drive test results verifies the great image processing performance between Rockchip visual processing solution RV1108 and other solution. The car DVR, based on RV1108, shows the excellent image quality in day shot, night shot and backlighted shot as well as the superior sharpness, hence highlighting the outstanding advantages of WDR of RV1108 image processing.

The images in red frame show the significantly difference in the video. Under the strong daylight, the image of competitor on the left obviously reflects the light and disappears the building, while RV1108 well-disposes the image exposure and clearly shows the building, hence highlighting the excellent WDR performance.

Under strong light and backlight, RV1108 captures more details of guideboard, number plate, backlighted treetop, tree in tunnel entrance and isolated protective fence marked in the picture than the competitor.

The characters and figures in the big guideboard, small guideboard and LED board marked on the picture are visible on the right image.


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