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Dec 3, 2016

BLUBOO Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus – Five Hour Battery Life Test Video

From all the previous articles about the new BLUBOO Edge handset you surely already know that the dual curved display equipped phone packs a secure 2600mAh Li-poly battery. And today we have one battery test video being done directly by BLUBOO testers, and this time has come to compare the battery performance with an awesome rival, iPhone 7 Plus.

For the video test purposes both devices were charged before testing and both of them did the tests with the highest display brightness level. In the video, the two phones went into rigorous 5 one-hour testing regime: one-hour offline video playback, video recording, playing games, social networking browsing and video chatting. After finishing the first three hours’ testing, the iPhone 7 Plus remained 51% of the battery capacity while the BLUBOO Edge kept 54%. Then after one hour’s network browsing, the iPhone 7 Plus lost 15% battery while the Edge lost 16%. Finally with one hour of video chatting, the iPhone 7 Plus kept 10% of the battery capacity, while the Edge model managed to keep 11.

Based on the testing result it’s quite obvious that the differences are minor and both devices shows excellent battery endurance. Check out the video yourself.

Don’t forget that the BLUBOO Black Friday is still available and you could get a Edge model for only $109.99. Other discounted BLUBOO products include Picasso 4G, Mini, Maya Max and Uwatch. There is also a giveaway event where you can win the BLUBOO Uwatch for free. If you would be interested in obtaining the BLUBOO devices you need to hurry up. You can find more details about the whole Bluboo event here and it will be up until November 30th.


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