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Nov 25, 2016

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing Trotec TTK 40 E Air Dehumidifier

You can now buy Trotec TTK 40 E Air Dehumidifier from eMag.ro for about 157 USD

Comfort dehumidifier TTK 40 E - High user comfort in an elegant design. The TTK 40 E condenses a maximum of comfort on the smallest stand space and even looks extremely attractive.

Naturally with the compulsory tasks of a modern dehumidifier it can score in every respect: Due to the combination of high operating range, flexible two-stage fan, hygrostat control and powerful 0.34 kW compressor, the TTK 40 E is optimally suitable for a pleasantly silent dry keeping of living and office spaces or heated basements.

Furthermore, this elegant room air dehumidifier impresses with the especially neat design of the control panel, which is easy to handle despite the manifold comfort functions. Due to the digital real-value humidity selection optionally a fully automatic or permanent dehumidification operation can be chosen. Thanks to the timer function a time-controlled application is also possible.

Especially convenient is also the standard filter cleaning indicator, which automatically displays, when the reusable air filter has to be cleaned. For applications where a regular manual draining of the water tank is not always possible, e.g. during unattended permanent drying applications in holiday homes, the TTK 40 E has a separate integrated connection through which the condensate can be drained directly using a hose.

The standard equipment of the electronically defrostable TTK 40 E is completed by a filling level warning light to indicate a full water tank as well as by an overflow protection with automatic switch-off function.

The first model of the TTK E series is thanks to its robust plastic housing, space-saving and attractive design well suited for dehumidification in the home. Thanks to its 14l / 24h dehumidification performance TTK 40 E offers safe protection against humidity and mould. 

Trotec TTK 40 E Air Dehumidifier Description
This device uses the principle of condensation to au-tomatically dehumidify rooms. The fan sucks damp room air through the air inlet (8), the air filter (10), the evaporator and to the condenser located behind it. The air is cooled at the cold evapo-rator until it is below the dew point. Water vapour con-tained in the room air precipitates on the evaporator fins as either condensation or frost. The dehumidified, cooled air is rewarmed at the condenser and blown out at a temperature of approx. 5 °C above room tem-perature. The drier air which is prepared in this way mixes with the air in the room. The humidity in the room where the device is positioned is reduced as air constantly circulates through the device. Depending on the air temperature and the relative humidity, the condensed water either drops continuously or only during the defrost phase into the condensation tray and through the integrated drain nozzle into the con-densation tank (4) below. This is fitted with a float to measure the fill level. The device has a control panel (1) for operating and controlling the functions. Once the maximum fill level of the condensation tank (4) is reached, the condensation tank indicator light ("FULL") on the control panel (1) flashes red. The device switches off. The condensation tank indicator light only goes out again once the emptied condensa-tion tank (4) is reinserted. The condensed water can be diverted by attaching a hose at the condensation plug (6). The device can reduce the relative humidity of a room by up to approx. 50 %. It provides additional assistance for drying wet washing or clothing in living or working spaces. Because of the heat radiation which is tied up in operation, the room temperature can rise by approx. 1-4 °C.  

Trotec TTK 40 E Air Dehumidifier Specification
Model: TTK 40 E
Dehumidifying capacity, max.: 14 1/24 h
Operating temperature: 5-35 °C
Working range for relative humidity: 30-100 %
Volume of airflow, max.: 100 m3/h
Electric connection: 230V / 50Hz
Power consumption, max.: 340 W
Fuse (home): 3.15 A
Condensation tank: 3.5l
Refrigerant: R134a
Amount of refrigerant: 75 g
Weight: 10.5 kg
Dimensions (HxDxW): 496 x 225 x 353 mm
Minimum distance from walls and other objects: Above: 45cm, Behind: 45cm, Side:45 cm, Front: 45cm
Sound pressure level LpA: 43 dB (A) 

Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here


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