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Aug 7, 2015

The rise of a new characteristic china's smartphone brands - Jackleo!

JACKLEO comes from British descent, it’s filled with the good connotation, simple,confident, humor, and romantic style.

JACKLEO Company, service for the JACKLEO Brand- ACKLEO Mobile Phone has been designed to adhere to the British style- Confident, Liberality, Elegance, warmly welcomed by European consumers.

JACKLEO takes “let more customers enjoy the smart technology world, make people's relationship more closely,make the life more easy, more simple” as brand mission, and determines to become the top recognized brand in the field of mobile communication terminal.

Upon qualified product, efficient supply chain, innovative spirit and powerful implementation capacity, JACKLEO determined to provide extraordinary mobile phone.To fulfill the requests of different clients, various products are classified into three series: Speed, Appearance and Color to make more customers enjoy the fun brought by smart technology.
Successfully Launched Product Series:

In order to apt to interact with customers and meet the personalized requirements of terminal customers, JACKLEO Smart phone launches a C2B model. In brief, it is customer to business. C2B model is a model which many large companies want to achieve but can’t realize,  JACKLEO made it!

We can offer back cover individualized design for your JACKLEO phone. Send what gifts to your old friends in their birthday? Too dull to present a smart phone? How about a smart phone with the picture of you and your friend or some blessing words on its back cover? It will be a meaningful smart phone and a memorable collection.

After repeated development and test, JACKLEO uses new 3D printing technology, can make a color image design on the phone back cover and our technology can make the image never fade. What we do is just to make everything become memorable.

We recently launch a new smartphone—Alpha JL511
It costs 240$.

Iron man is the dream of the boy, the dream lover of the girl,and Alpha JL511 made it. The CNC metal body process, only for the flintiness! The back of the phone body use toughened glass mirror material,since the body is all metal material design, the requirement for antenna signal is very high. We spent whole 6 months for the antenna design solution. We always swipe the screen when we ues touch screen mobile phone, Alpha JL511 designs a physical HOME button let operation experience more authentic. Heart rate detector is added in Alpha JL551 simultaneously as a highlight.

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