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Sep 4, 2013

Patch v1.0 for Sumvision Cyclone Voyager 7' 4.2.2

All you need:

  • PiPO S1 Tablet and Data Cable
  • Rockchip Batch Tool - Download Here
  • RockUSB Drivers - Included at Rockchip Batch Tool
  • Sumvision Cyclone Voyager 4.2 ROM (Rooted by Kasty)- Download Here
  • Root Explorer (Any)
  • Cyclone Voyager Patch v1 by AlmoSTacey - Download Here
  • A Windows PC (Windows 7 Recommended)
  • A Brain and Patience
  • Nova Launcher (Prime or Free - Download it at Play Store)
  • Follow the original tutorial from here nicdroid.blogspot.ro
Steps to follow
1.) Download the attatch buildv1.prop.
2.) Copy buildv1.prop to root folder not to system folder
3.) Rename buildv1.prop to build.prop
4.) Change the permission of build.prop to RW-R-R
5.) Copy the build.prop with the permission of RW-R-R
6.) Now go to system folder and change the permission of the system folder to RW.
7.) Paste the build.prop and overwrite it and reboot....

Patch v1.0
- Nexus 7 Style (With status bar on top)
- 120 DPI for look like HD :)

Build.prop Tweaks
- Better Performance
- Faster Scrolling
- Long life Battery
- Increas Media Performance
- Increas Streaming Video

8 comentarii:

zain1009 said...

This works very well and fixing the HDMI problem would be great :)

Stitchino said...

Can you try this games? Nemo, GT Motor Academy...if it works tell me...thanks

pepentete said...

hi sir! i have a problem in wifi signal.. how to fix it?

danyrolux said...

You do not have wifi signal or you lost it?
Try to set keep wi-fi on during sleep to never in Wifi advanced settings.

Unknown said...

у меня не загружается update,перекиньте мне кто нибудь в скайп mutsubishi1

Unknown said...

I have a problem. In stock launcher it can't rotate the screen like the 2-nd image. Pls help.

danyrolux said...

@Nelin Tarpov
Before or after patching?

Unknown said...

@Dan Stefan
I've fixed it, thanks for the patch anyway :)

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