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Nov 4, 2020

Unboxing Atumtek ATMS045 Adjustable Monitor Stand


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Meet Atumtek ATMS045 Adjustable Monitor Stand
More than 80% of the people who spend hours in front of a computer, complain of neck and shoulder pain. The reason? Wrong positioning of the monitor. The angle, height and depth of the monitor should be such that you don't have to crane your neck or slouch your shoulders. Also, if you're working with dual monitors, moving your head around frequently, can contribute to neck and shoulder pain.
Are you suffering from pain in your neck and shoulders while sitting for long periods at your workstation? Have you ever complained about the mess on your desktop due to limited desk space? Now’s the time to say goodbye to these annoying matters!

The safety and efficiency of your monitor’s placement is no longer an issue. Clear up valuable work space and provides ergonomic viewing angles with ATUMTEK Premium Monitor Riser. It fits most flat LCD monitors of various sizes and supports up to 36 lbs.

With 3 level of adjustable height (from 3.9” to 5.5”) that provides unsurpassed ergonomic comfort, it enhances your healthy life style and improves productivity in the home and at the office.

The ideal desk setup is usually unavailable in most offices. In such a case, you can get a monitor stand to reduce neck and shoulder pain from sitting at the computer. One good option is ATUMTEK  Monitor Stand. It offers a quick and affordable fix for your neck and shoulder pain.

Atumtek ATMS045 Adjustable Monitor Stand Features
- Enhance Comfort. This monitor stand is great for placing your computer in any position you’re comfortable with, featuring three height settings.
- Improved Circulation. The stand riser is made with aluminum and is designed for the easy flow of air to your computer, which helps in reducing heat-up issues.
-  Improved Ergonomic. The ATUMTEK desktop stand riser elevates your computer screen to eye level, relieving strain on your neck, back and shoulders, and increasing comfort for productive work.
- Create More Space. You can use this monitor stand to create additional space at your workstation as the compact design opens up the bottom half of its stand for further use.
- Robust & Stable Design. High-quality aluminum is used to construct this stand, making it sturdy and enabling it to hold up to 35.2lbs of laptop monitors, printers, etc. without any wobble whatsoever.
- Super Stable & Safe.Your new monitor riser comes with non-slip EVA pad that increases stability and protects your laptop and furniture from damaging. Rest assured that your device is in safe hands while you get more work done.
- Solid & Confident Monitor Lift. With solid steel construction of the supporting legs, it widely hold most flat monitors, notebooks and projectors up to 36 lbs without wobble.
- Minimal Installation Time. You can make an instant improvement to your existing workspace using this monitor stand riser, as it requires just 3 minutes or less to fully installed.
- Maximize Desk Space. Measures only 14.6” x 9” x 4.3” (at its lowest height) which is a very compact but lift up your monitor, freeing up all of the valuable space on your desk.
- Professional Grade Computer Monitor Stand. Raises your monitor to just the right height for comfortable and healthy viewing. No more back and neck pain during hours of work. This stand lets you adjust the height from 3.9 inches to 5.5 inches.
- It’s More Than an Eye-catching Fashion Item. The platform is constructed with aviation-grade aluminium with surface anodic oxidation for which it will be more graceful than others. You will be sure love the elegance.
- 3 Height Adjustments. Features with 3 adjustable height levels allowing you to choose the most comfortable viewing angle while working. Simply loosen and tighten the screws on the legs.
- Perforated Aluminium Platform. Mesh holes design of the platform increase air flow going toward your device. This keeps your laptop or monitor cooler and helps prevent overheating. In addition, premium aluminium material is more efficient at heat dissipation.
- Functional & Practical. Appropriate size makes it ideal for most computer monitors, laptops, printers,document holders and small projectors, great for use at home and office.

Atumtek ATMS045 Adjustable Monitor Stand Specs 
Brand: Atumtek
Model: ATMS045
Type: Monitor Stand Riser
VESA Compatible: 75 x 75mm/100 x 100mm
Adjustable Height: 3.9” - 4.7” - 5.5”
Weight Capacity: 36 lbs
Material of Platform: Aeronautical Grade Aluminium
Supporting Legs Material: Premium Steel
Technology: Surface Anodic Oxidation
Usage Scenarios: Home & Office
Size: 14.57 x 9.06 x 4.3 inch
Weight: 2.59lbs
Color: Black
Product code: 4897099007616
Package content 
1 x Atumtek ATMS045 Adjustable Monitor Stand (DIY - 1 x stand platform, 2 x side plate, 2 x supporting leg, 4 x big screw, 6 x small screw, 8 x black round sticker, 1 x imbus)
1 x 3-Year Warranty Card
1 x English User Guide



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About Atumtek. ATUMTEK was started by Len, an engineer who spent over two decades toiling away at the office. One day, he found himself unable to stand up straight without experiencing a terrible pain in his neck. He tried just about everything he could think of to make the pain go away but nothing worked. Due to his intuition and experience as an engineer, Len soon realized what was causing the problem. You see, Len was an unwitting victim of neck pain caused by extended periods of sitting at an uncomfortable office set-up. With his engineering skills, Len set out to design a better office set-up that paid as much mind to his health as it did to his work. From there, he began developing the products and mission statement that would go on to form ATUMTEK. ATUMTEK is inspired by your comfort. Whether you need the ultimate home workstation to boost your productivity or a cozy interactive office-space designed for co-working, our collection has got you covered. We are here to change your work lifestyle for the better. Every one of our products is thoughtfully engineered from the ground up. Our engineers come from a place of personal passion, aiming for each and every product to take home and office comfort to brand new heights. We desire to take a solution-oriented approach to every problem we encounter, creating work and home environments that promote health, comfort, and productivity.
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