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Jan 13, 2014

Download MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.5.2

Download MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.4.6 & v2.5.2 from here, here and here.
Download MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.5.3 from here.

How to make a scatter file for Mediatek MTK6582, MTK6595, MTK6589, MTK6592, MTK6577, MTK6589T, MTK6572 devices.

 What you’ll need
- MTK / MediaTek based smartphone

- USB Data Cable
- USB ADB VCOM drivers
- MTK Droid Tools

What to do
Step 1 – Enable USB debugging
Step 2 – Install the PDANet USB ADB VCOM drivers
Step 3 – Download, extract, and run the latest version of MTK Droid Tools.
Step 4 – Your phone should be on at this point. Connect the data USB cable to your phone.
Step 5 – Click ‘blocks map’.
Step 6 – Click ‘create scatter file’. Navigate to where you want to save it. Save it in a place where you won’t lose it.

Before use it is necessary to check that:
- adb drivers are installed, in a device manager there shouldn't be unknown devices at connection of switched-on phone. ADB Drivers here.
- USB debugging in Developer options of System setting is allowed.

How to ReadBack ROM using SP FlashTool, to make the CWM recovery, to install SuperUser (get root) etc. If your phone is not rooted use the ROOT button.

1. Make scatter by means of MTKDroidTools
Scatter is the text file with addresses of the blocks, necessary for the SP FlashTool program. After creation of scatter don't close the main window of the program! Otherwise once again it is necessary to turn on phone.

2. In SP FlashTool choose this scatter and go on the Read Back tab.

3. Choose path and a ROM file name. Click on Add button. Double click of a mouse on the appeared line. Choose a file name, the name has to begin with ROM_ as offers FlashTool! Remember path and the name of ROM_ file.

4. Determine the ROM_ size. Type has to stand in HEX. In the field of Start Address it is necessary to write down 0x000000. In the field of Length we copy from scatter the address of the block following after RECOVERY or the address of other block for fuller backup. For phones with type of the blocks EXT4 it is the cache block address. The number in the Hex format has to begin with 0x

5 . Choose Read Page Only on yaffs2 type blocks phones. In FlashTool choose Read Page Only in the field of Read Method. If this field isn't present, the window with this question can emerge, too we choose Page Only. On phones with EXT4 blocks it doesn't get out (as a rule).

6. Read Back ROM_.Click on Read Back button and connect the switched-off phone to PC. Here the options depending on a concrete phone are possible. Maybe it is necessary to press at the same time with connect of a cable the camera or volume buttons. Experiment and study work with FlashTool in threads with similar phones! On some MT6573 models, for example on B63, it can't be executed with any combinations and only testpoint need!

7. Prepare files for FlashTool and make CWM. If everything passed without errorss, we open the MTK Droid Root & Tools window which we left on 1th step. If for some reason the window isn't present, it is necessary to turn on phone and to connect it to the program. Click on To process file ROM_ from FlashTool button and choose the ROM_* file saved on the 6th step. At successful unpacking rom it will be offered to choose CWM from similar phone. Chosen CWM it is checked on compliance to the connected phone and if ok, the CWM is created. Starting with v2.4.0 CWM it is made automatically and the file from similar phone shouldn't be looked for any more!
Аttention! Yaffs2 type blocks from this backup can't be Downloaded to phone, they aren't correct! Use backup on 9th step if phone have yaffs2 type blocks!
8. Download new CWM to the phone. Start FlashTool, choose scatter in the folder created on the 7th step. Remove marks from all blocks! Click on RECOVERY and we choose the file CWM in the same folder which was created on the 7th step. Click Download and connect a cable to PC (phone has to be switched off) and expect the end of process. DANGEROUS! On this step the CWM recovery block has to be marked only! Also it is necessary to use only the Download button and not to use at all the Firmware Upgrade button!

9. Make backup, install SuperUser etc. Load phone in CWM mode, connect to MTK Droid Root & Tools, go on the tab root, backup, recovery and, pressing on this tab the necessary buttons, we do:
- backup! (if in phone there is yaffs2 type blocks, do here surely, they received with readBack on 7th step aren't correct)
- install superuser (often mean "get root" under it)
- and other if need

Never needlessly Download preloader and DSP_BL blocks! It is always dangerous! On some models of phones (for example Alcatel) you will have a brick even if you download these blocks read from phone which you own! Always remove from them marks in SPFT! 

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Unknown said...

thang you

Unknown said...

place help me

Unknown said...

como lo descargo?

danyrolux said...

@Fernando Rodriguez
You have 3 mirror links to download from. Press in the first row the underlined word 'here'....

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Unknown said...

is this still workin? i have eidolon15_nand_gb2

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please help me how to flash recovery in karbonn titanium x...

Unknown said...

not one of the MTK Droid Root & Tool is not recognizing my phone, I have checked that the PdaNet is installed and recognizing my phone but the MTK software is not,do you have any sugestions as why. thank you

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Unknown said...

not one of the MTK Droid Root & Tool is not recognizing my phone, I have checked that the PdaNet is installed and recognizing my phone but the MTK software is not,do you have any sugestions as why. thank you

danyrolux said...

@mohamed abdenaser Aribi
Try to use another USB cable, another USB port on your PC or try it on another PC / Windows system.

Good luck!

MidoHelali said...

Please somebody help me !

i lost my phone it's soft bricked and i can't extract ROM* but i have the scatter file , i forget to extract it now my phone won't boot because of wrong ROM , please is there is any way to extract it ?

Unknown said...

my phone wont detect on my MTKDroid Tools 2.5.3 ... pls help me

phone : Xolo Q2500 (Custom Rom AOSP 5.0.2)

Unknown said...

can anybody help me please with a scatter file for ALLVIEW E3 Living phone ?

(i bricked my phone and can't use the MTK DroidTool anymore)

Please note that all MTK DroidTool recent ersions I found, have ...Trojan.Gen.2 ! The only ..clean one I could find is referenced in this post, the v2.4.6 one.

Tilden Tasks said...

Which custom ROM for Android is the perfect one. Just review the one you chose by different categories such as speed, smoothness, features etc..

MTK Roms Pro

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check with antivirus clamav please

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