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Oct 22, 2020

Unboxing 3Life Star Mini Electric Heater


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Meet 3Life Star Mini Electric Heater
When the room temperature is heated to the set temperature, the main unit turns off the heating element and turns on when the temperature is lower than the set temperature. While ensuring the comfortable temperature, it can save power, and it can be used in a big way. The hot air radiation angle is wider, the heating is more skin friendly, and the special air duct design makes the diffusion effect of the warm air better, the wind is even and gentle, and effectively prevents the skin from drying and losing water, which is more skin friendly. Intimate design, the outside heat is not hot. One-button control, simple operation, temperature adjustment, ambient temperature with your control. The air outlet is slightly raised by 10 degrees, making it easy to take care of your hands and face when using it on the desktop.
3Life Star Mini Electric Heater Features
- The new wind guide design brings a new sensory experience, eliminating the metal air outlet of the traditional heater, making the product more intimate and more attractive.
- While ensuring the air intake, the internal structure that is not necessary to be displayed is blocked as much as possible, so that the design is more integrated.
- High-sensitivity temperature sensor, to achieve precise temperature control, not to waste every bit of space, to save power and worry.
- The hot air radiation angle is wider, the heat is more skin-friendly, and the special air duct design makes the warm air spread better. The wind is even and soft, effectively preventing the skin from being dry and dehydrated, and more skin-friendly.
- 9-speed intelligent temperature measurement, energy saving and worry-free use.
- When the room temperature is heated to the set temperature, the host automatically turns off the heating element, while ensuring the comfortable temperature, it can save power, and it can be used boldly and with ease of use.
- In the “HI” position, the PTC heating element is always in working condition and is not affected by the ambient temperature: in the digital gear position, the warm air machine intelligently controls the temperature according to the ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature is heated above the set temperature, the PTC heating element will stop working and the wind will continue to operate. When the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature, the PTC heating element will restart the work and the hot air will be blown out from the air outlet.
- The intelligent control IC automatically cuts off the power when the device is above the safe temperature to prevent potential safety hazards.
- Different from mechanical switches, electronic switches are more reliable, more stable, and more intelligent.
- The high-sensitivity temperature measuring element senses the ambient temperature at all times. When the room temperature reaches the set value, the heating device can be turned off to save worry and save power.
- According to the requirements of different components, the right materials can be selected, and the core components can withstand high temperatures up to 260 degrees, which is safe and reliable.
3Life Star Mini Electric Heater Highlights
- Highly sensitive temperature sensor for precise temperature control
- Large Wide Angle Air Supply
- 8 hours automatic shutdown, 9-speed intelligent temperature measurement, 10° upward tilt
- PTC Ceramic Heating Element
- Multiple Protection
- Elegant design adds unique beauty to your room
- Suitable for families, offices, dormitories, etc.
- Find the right angle of the wind
- New Air Duct Design.
- Automatic off
- Hide the vent
- Temperature adjustable
- High temperature resistant flame retardant technology
- The core components are resistant to high temperatures up to 260°

3Life Star Mini Electric Heater Specs 
Brand: 3Life
Product Name: Mini Planet Electric Heater / Star Heater / Planetary Heater
Model number: 345
Material: Plastic, Metal, PTC Ceramic Heating Element
Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Power: 500W
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Adjust Gear Position: 9 Files
Timed Shutdown: 8 Hours Shutdown
Rated voltage: DC-220V
Rated power: 500W
Timed: 8 hours shutdown
10° Upward inclination
Package Size: 145x145x180mm / 5.71x5.71x7.09in
Package Weight: 650g / 1.43lb
Color: White / Pink
Voluntary Standard: GB4706.1-2005 / GB4706.23-2007
Product code: 1122-39495--46550 / E-T-02-07
SKU: D69230 / POA5929721

Package content 
1 x 3Life Star Mini Electric Heater
1 x Chinese User Manual

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