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Oct 31, 2019

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing YUNMAI Wrist Ball from Xiaomi youpin


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Meet YUNMAI YMGB-Z701 Wrist Ball from Xiaomi youpin
Are you still suffering these injuries? Do wrist pain, shoulder pain, arm pain and other pains make you feel uncomfortable and tortured? You need this exquisite YUNMAI Wrist Ball Arm Training Tool. While strengthening the fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders, it also helps improve coordination and blood circulation. Suitable for most part of your body, take care of your health effectively. No need of battery, the same size of tennis ball, easy to operate and carry. Your good decompression toy.

Wristball is hailed as "the world's fastest artificial power device" and was created by a Taiwan inventor in China. It uses "gyro and the principle of conservation of angular momentum to generate powerful energy under the law of inertia." It is pure mechanical device and it do not require any power source and do not generate any electromagnetic radiation. Relieve stress, relieve the hand of the mouse, and strengthen the muscles of the upper extremities. Excessive control, you can adjust the rhythm and speed of the core rotation, the faster the speed, the greater the power generated, the equivalent of 50 kinds of dumbbells of different weight, about 8,000 rev / min, about 14kg power, 10000 rpm about 22kg power. Variable speed lantern, the lights will become bright spots with speed.

YUNMAI YMGB-Z701 Wrist Ball from Xiaomi youpin Features
- Yunmai wrist ball shell is made of polycarbonate.
- Built-in aluminum alloy plating ball core, high stability.
- Self-inspired part of the structure optimization, promote smoother, lower noise.
- Built-in automatic elastic device, a push and a put, you can easily start.
- Pure machinery, no electricity, safe and relable.
- Simple operation, follow the arrow to the end, release it to start.
- Wristball changes with the speed of the inner core of the rotor.
- LED Brilliant lanterns light effects along with the speed.
- Small, pure machinery, no electric weight loss exercise artifact.
- The wristball changes with the speed of the inner core of the rotor.
- Use special wrist straps for safety and reliability.

Medical Fuctions 
- Save your mouse hands and shoulders. Energize your muscles and cells.
- Relive your stress, espacially help the recovery of muscle and ligament injuries.
- Stretch your bones Promote blood circulation and enhance gastrointestinal function.
- Awesome warm-up exercise equipment, enhance the toughness of the fingers and ligaments.
- Perfect for office workers, students for a long time caused by abdominal pressure, limb numbness, less activity, poor blood circulation.

It is forbidden to use any part of the body to stop the high-speed rotation of the ball, it is recommended to use clothing or let the ball naturally stop.

YUNMAI YMGB-Z701 Wrist Ball from Xiaomi youpin Specs  
Brand: Xiaomi / YUNMAI
Model: YMGB-Z701
Type: Wrist Ball Stress Reliever
Size: 70 x 70 x 55mm
Weight: 270g
Material: Polycarbonate, Zinc Alloy
Color: Black
SKU: 449603101 / 3002024

Voluntary standard: Q/YM 005-2017
Product code: E-P07-B01-404 / T0341111909040013 (9)

Package Content
1 x YUNMAI YMGB-Z701 Wrist Ball
1 x Wrist Strap
1 x Chinese User Manual

Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here. All about Xiaomi on xiaomi-pedia.com. Official website here

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