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Sep 11, 2019

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing Xiaomi Taki Mini Disposable E-cigarette


Meet Xiaomi Taki Mini Disposable E-cigarette
According to scientific data, compared with traditional tobacco, electronic cigarettes do not contain tar components, and low-temperature atomization replaces high-temperature combustion mode, which can greatly reduce harmful substances in smoke, whether for smokers or surrounding people, electronic cigarettes Traditional tobacco has little health hazard. The British Ministry of Public Health has estimated that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to health than traditional cigarettes.

TAKI is founded by Zhong Yufei, and always takes the brand concept of “the more like, the more restrained”. Working with a 19-year tobacco perfumer, the classic Chinese flue-cured flavor has been restored. The nicotine content was reduced to 24 mg/ml, which was much lower than the 50 mg/ml nicotine content that most brands blindly pursued. It not only ensures the satisfaction of consumers, but also reduces their intake of nicotine, and minimizes the harm of cigarettes to the human body. A different spark between pursuing and restraining.

In order to solve this core problem, Xiike and Bodun Group cooperated with Zhang Shangming, a senior tobacco perfumer for 19 years. After more than 1,000 odor stability experiments and more than 500 real smoke comparison tests in 4 months, the tobacco leaf material was finally realized. The core breakthrough of the extract adds an effective ingredientS that restores the aroma of the tobacco.

TAKI offers a ready-to-use, disposable atomizer booth that brings five flavors of e-cigarettes: classic tobacco, blueberry popcorn, mung bean smoothie, cold extract coffee, and iced sweet lychee. It is understood that TAKI has created the electronic cigarette with the concept of reducing tobacco flavor. By realizing the breakthrough of tobacco leaf raw material extract, the natural cotton atomized core structure and the exclusive windmill separation technology, the fragrance molecules are retained to the maximum extent, and the classic Chinese flue-cured tobacco is restored.

Being a non-refillable cigarette when the liquid runs out, you no longer have the chance to use it. Xiaomi‘s electronic cigarette is a very simple device. It is a so-called disposable e-cigarette, in other words, intended for single use. After unpacking, it is already filled with e-liquid with nicotine and has a charged battery. 

Interesting concept and easy to handle, the XIAOMI TAKI is a ecig ready to use right out of the box. Very easy to use, the TAKI ecig is completely autonomous. Simply remove it from its packaging, remove the protective silicone tips at each end and take a whiff. The liquid and the battery are already inside the package, ready to use. The Xiaomi TAKI has an autonomy of about 400 Puffs and once used in full, it is neither rechargeable for the liquid or for the battery. Different flavors exist for TAKI. We will find: Classic Tobacco, Cool mung beans, Cold Extract Coffee, Ice Sweet Lychee and Ice blueberry. The comfort of vape is very correct for this type of Xiaomi POD, the restoration of flavors is present and the amount of smoke is quite honorable. In short, the Xiaomi TAKI pod is an interesting product for people looking for discrete electronic cigarettes with interesting flavors. 

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Xiaomi Taki Mini Disposable E-cigarette Specs 
Brand: Xiaomi Taki
Model: TK-Mini 
Type" Disposable Vaporizer Nicsalt 5%
Flavor code: JY-K1-C1 / JY-K1-MBI (green) / JY-K1-BB (blue) / JY-K1-IL (red) / JY-K1-FCT (black) / JY-K1-IC (brown)
Size: 16.4*7.4*94.2mm
Atomizer capacity: 1.5ml
Smoking times: about 400 puffs
Battery capacity: 280mAh
Main ingredients: natural glycerin / medical grade propylene glycol / nicotine salt / food grade spices
Nicotine content: 5%
Flavor: Classic Tobacco / Cool mung beans / Cold Extract Coffee / Ice Sweet Lychee / Ice blueberry

Voluntary standard: Q/HZJS 01 
Production date: 17/07/19
Product code: 6972156961945

Persons under 18 years of age, pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, persons with or at risk of heart disease or respiratory diseases should not use this product. Please stop using this product immediately if any discomfort occurs. Please store this product in cool and dry environment, avoid direct sunlight. Please keep this product out of reach of children and pets.

Package Content
5 x Xiaomi Taki Mini Disposable E-cigarette
1 x Gift Box


Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here. Official website here.

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