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Jun 13, 2019

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing Xiaomi LCD Screen Display Digital Moisture Thermometer Temperature Humidity Sensor


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Meet  Xiaomi LCD Screen Display Digital Moisture Thermometer
It is a room thermal-hygrometer, which is equip-ped with advanced digital sensor to rapidly and accurately measure the temperature and humidity. Along with the change of temperature and humidity, the figure on screenshall be changed accordingly to remind us to adjust ourselves to the envi ronment andcultivate healthy lifestyle.

Accurate mastery of indoor temperature and humidity is a significant demand for pet owners, parents of infants and children. Convenient control of your home’s thermostat is now literally at your fingertips. With Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor you will never worry about cold mornings or hot afternoons with this thermostat. It comes with a compact design and an LCD screen located at the top that can be used for real-time monitoring or to show the registered changes in temperature and humidity, as well as external environmental circumstances in any place. This device has a compact design and uses a simple LCD screen that displays the current temperature and humidity of the room. Due to the use of high sensitivity sensors, the readings are accurate to 0.1.

MMC E-lnk digital temperature & humidity meter provides an intuitive visual information that lets you know the exact temperature and humidity timely. With more and more information interact in our smart phone, recording daily temperature & humidity automatically maybe also can help you moniter the living environment, and make decision on turn on the air conditioner or open the window ventilated. Make our life easier and smart.

Set corresponding facial expression reminding based on environmental temperature and humidity change. When below icon shows on the right corner of the screen, it means the battery is running out. Please charge the battery soon. In order to improve screen display quality and eliminate ghost displaying, the product  will refresh the whole screen when the displayed frequencies are around 30 times (the  screen shall be completely white for a moment and display the value afterwards); then,  it shall display the value and expressional symbol again, based on latest measurement result.

How to Install the Battery
Take out the insulator under the battery before using. When the battery runs out, please install a CR2032 battery in the battery box and make sure the negative electrode face downwards.

How to Install the Product
It can be installed inside the house in following steps when it is working smoothly:
1. Install the product into the holder accessory and put it on the table, TV cabinet or  other objectives;
2. Stick the double-sided tapes at the pasting area on the back of product; then stick the product on the wall inside the room;
3. Stick soft magnet at the pasting area on the back of product; then stick the product on  refrigerator or other magnetic absorbable surfaces of the product;

How to Switch the Centigrade / Fahrenheit Measurement
In standby mode, take off the back cover, then you will see the "Centigrade/Fahrenheit switching button" on the back of the main part; press it with a pointy object for 3 seconds to switch Centigrade / Fahrenheit.

1. Keep it away from high temperature and humidity environment or other harsh environments;
2. Wipe of the dust or besmirch on the product with soft cloth and neutral detergent;
3. It is a product for improving a healthy life, which cannot be used as measurement instrument.

Xiaomi LCD Screen Display Digital Moisture Thermometer Features 
● Easy switch for Celsius and Fahrenheit to universal application
● 3D curved screen is light and thin to look stylish
● UI stroke segment is elegant and fine
E-ink screen:
● With E-ink screen display, the condition of temperature and humidity can show you clearly at all viewing angles
● High precision digital sensor, provides you a fine sensitivity for temperature and humidity
● Universally fit for raised deck socket, wall sticker and rubber magnet, you can put it in bedroom, kids' room, kitchen and office
● Made from PC, ABS and PMMA, odor-free and non - toxic, safe for your family
● 6 types of expression for comfort reminder, intuitionistic and cute design to let you know the surrounding
Low consumption:
● Built-in 1 x CR2032 battery can last for 1 year, durable and long-lasting

Xiaomi LCD Screen Display Digital Moisture Thermometer Specifications
Brand: Xiaomi
Model: MHO-C201
Product name: Miaomiaoce Thermo-hygrometer

Screen: E-lnk (Wide viewing angle)
Product model: MHO-C201
Product Standard: Q/WSDJ2401-2017
Product Material: ABS+PC PMMA
Product size: 64.5×64.5×9.7mm
Net weight: 36g
Working voltage: DC3V-2.4V
Battery type: CR2032
Scope of temperature measurement: 0 - +60°C
Precision of temperature measurement: ±0.3 °C
Scope of humidity measurement: 0-100%
Precision of humidity measurement: ±3%RH
Color: White 
SKU: 104792861365281959
Product code: C201/00215757 / 6970532560102 / ZX102
Production date: 2019.02.20
Voluntary Standard: Q/WSDJ 2401-2017

Package Content
1 x Xiaomi Mijia Thermometer Hygrometer
2 x Wall Stickers
1 x CR2032 Button Battery
1 x Use Manual
1 x Foundation

Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here. Official website here. More about Xiaomi devices here.

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