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Apr 18, 2019

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker


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Meet Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker 
Are you worried about your baby's safety when you're not around? Did he cry? Happy or sad? Don't worry any more, this Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker can help you protect them. Cute look and comfortable strap will let the baby love it at first glance, when inserted SIM card, a little safe assistant began to accompany with the baby. With accurate positioning you can understand the baby's real-time location and status. Also you can set up a variety of remote monitoring in the APP to ensure the safety of the kids, for example, Talkback can voice chat with kids, set safety area and view the trajectory can know the scope of kid’s activities, don't worry about it will affect children in class, you can set the Non-disturb mode. Of course, set the SOS contact first, child can immediately call for help in danger. More features wait for you to use, baby's safety and trust of parents is our bounden duty.

Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker Features 
- Double control mode. Double control mode: Mobile phone and computer GPRS.
- GPS real-time location. Real-time Location System is more accurate than your imagine. The watch support GPS, BDS, LBS, AGPS positioning system strength the accuracy of the positioning so that you could know where your baby is at any time.
- SOS for help. The child could long press the SOS button key for help when they are in danger. By the way, parents can set three SOS number on APP.
- Safe Area. Parents can customize security range on APP, when the child beyond the safety zone, the APP will receive the reminder immediately. (The minimum radius of the safety area is 500 meters.)
- Remote monitoring. Through the APP, parents can monitor the child's location in real time, monitor the child's calls and remote shutdown.
- Non-disturb period. Don't worry about disturbing the child in class time, parents can set up 3 on-disturb periods. During the periods, the watch will automatically block all the phone calls.
- History Locus track. The watch can track movement route within 30 days, parents would have an idea about your kid's trajectory for nearly a month and no longer have to worry about the kids not coming home after school or wandering.
- Answer and Hang up the calls. Kids can answer and hang up the calls directly on the watch. You can add 10 phone numbers on App and then sync to the watch.
- Flashlight function. Good learning help and gives the kids more safety. Don't be afraid of the dark.

- Support system: for Android 4.0 and above, all IOS.
- The SIM card needs to get the GPRS and caller ID functions.
- After resetting, you need to recharge it before turning on.
- Only support 2G network SIM card.  

SeTracker Android application
For better use, we develop the unique APP: SeTracker, to take care of your kids. You can set SOS/Family number, Contacts, Telephone numbers in the APP, which avoid the stranger calls to yoru child. Meanwhile, the Geofence, Voice monitoring, Message alert, History route etc which let you know more better of your child.

To live a happier and relax life, buy it for your children or friends', relative's children. It's our pleasure to help you a safe and health life.

SeTracker functions:
- intercom: APP record and send to device,device record and send to app.
- map: APP can search the last position and show in the map,and get the realtime position.
- health: APP can search the movement of the device.
- footprint: APP can searth the historical route and show ine the map.
- geofence:APP can set geofence,APP can get the message when device stride the geofence.
- message : APP can get the lowbat message,sos message and so on.
- alarm: APP can set the alarm of the device.
- find watch: APP send the command,the device will ring.
- rewards: APP can send rewards to the device,like redheart.
- settings: APP can set the sos number, work mode, shutdown command and so on.

Download SeTracker for free from Google Play Store

Find my kids Android Application
Relevant for the following watch brands: Smart Baby Watch, Titan Watch, Smart Pet tracker, Smart tracker, Wonlex, Tiroki, Wokka Lokka, iCooLive, Ereon, Pax+, CARCAM, LEMFO, GINZZU, DxRise, Woqoo, Tesla Nautilus Junior, Prolike, TipTop, Palmexx, YQT, Xenzy, Grea, EarnCore, Jesam, Synmila, RoverMate, Themoemoe, TKSTAR, GBD.

The Find My Kids application is compatible with all of the following watch models:

Wonlex: Q50, Q60, Q80, Q90, Q360, Q523, Q730, Q750, Q8, GW100, GW100S, GW200, GW200S, GW200S, GW300, GW300S, GW400E, GW400S, GW400X, GW500S, GW500, GW500, GW500S, GW600S, GW700, GW800, GW900, GW900S, GW1000, GW1000S, EW100, EW100S, EW200, Smart Pet Tracker, Smart Tracker S01 and A1.
Smart Baby Watch: Q50, Q60, Q80, Q90, Q200, Q360, Q523, Q730, Q750, Q8, G10, G100, S4, Y3, W8, W9, W10, T100, T58, I8, D99, D100, D100S, S668.
Abardeen: KT01, KT04.
Titan Watch: Q50.
Safekeeper: GW300 and G36.
ZDK: HW8 and ZDK DS18.

And also Tesla Nautilus Junior, Jetix DF50, Q75, K911, Ginzzu GZ-507, Indee D26C, ZGPAX S668, Tiroki Q50, CARCAM Q50, RoverMate Kid 05, Wise WG-KD03, Aimoto Sport, Wokka Watch Q360, UWatch HW8, Pax+, LEMFO, Noko V7K, Prolike, TipTop, Palmexx, YQT, iCooLive, Ereon, DxRise GPS Tracker and Gaming Watch, Woqoo, Xenzy, GreaSmart Pedometer and Smart Watch, EarnCore, Jesam, Synmila, Themoemoe, TKSTAR, GBD, Owl Cole.

Download 'Find my kids' Android Application for free from Google Play Store.

Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker Specs
Type: Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Charging Time: About 3hours
Operating mode: Press button
Band material: Rubber
Case material: Rubber
Shape of the dial: Square
Available Color: Pink, Sea Blue
Compatible OS: Android,IOS
Language: English, Russian
Product size (L x W x H): 16.00 x 16.00 x 5.00 cm / 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.97 inches
Product weight: 130g

SKU:  258443001
Product code: E-F52-A01-202 / T0171571903210030 (3)

Package content 
1 x Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker
1 x USB Cable
1 x English User Manual

Photo gallery full album here.

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