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Apr 26, 2018

Wireless Charger Not Working. See here how To Fix it Easily!

When the wireless charger does not work on your smartphone, and you don’t know what to do, don't worry about it, this article will tell you how to solve the wireless charge not working on your smartphone.

1. Restart your smartphone. When wireless charging is not working on your smartphone, the first thing to do is restart your smartphone, this is a very simple operation, by restarting your smartphone, you can repair the failure of the software caused by the failure to recharge.
2. Take Off the Smartphone’s Case. If your case is thick,remove it before placing your device on the wireless charger. To avoid this problem, you can replace a thinner cell phone shell, so that you can recharge it even with your cell phone shell.
3. Make Sure Your Wireless Charger Is Plugged In. If you don't put your smartphone on the wireless charging pad correctly, it will also lead to an inability to recharge it, so quickly confirm that your smartphone is plugged.It will charge better when you align your device to the sweet point of the wireless charger.
4. Confirm whether your cell phone supports Qi-Enabled. There are many phones that do not support wireless charging. If your phone doesn't support wireless charging, you should switch to a mobile phone that can support wireless charging.
5. Update your mobile phone system. Sometimes, when your smartphone system is not updated to the latest system, it will cause the wireless charging not working on your smartphone.
6. Buy A New Wireless Charger. After these steps, the wireless charging is still not working on your phone, so you should consider buying another one.

Samsung wireless charger not working How to Fix?
If your Samsung smartphone can't charge properly with the wireless charging board, there may be many reasons.
1. Please check whether the cell phone is on the back center and put it in the center of the wireless charging board.
2. if there are inclusions between mobile phones and wireless charging boards, they may not be able to charge properly.
3. Please check the rear shell of the mobile phone. If the protective cell phone cover is too thick, it may impede wireless charging. It is recommended to dismantle the cell phone and recharge it.
4. Please use random Samsung original charger. If a non original charger is used, it may lead to the fact that it cannot be charged normally.
5. Connect the cell phone directly to the wired charger to see if it can be charged normally.

Finally, the transmitter power of wireless charger may also cause the reason that wireless charger not working. The short circuit current of the receiver output can reach 1A, and the actual charging is only about 0.3. The voltage of the cell phone is directly reduced to 3.9V. This voltage cannot reach the rated voltage of the battery, and the maximum working current of the wireless transmitter is 600mA, and the charging of the smartphone needs more than 700mA~800mA, so the wireless charger is charged. If the transmitter power is too small, the charging will not be charged.

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