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Apr 6, 2018

What Is A True Rugged Mobile Device?

As customers demand safer and more durable products, mobile device manufacturers are forced to innovate. The term "rugged' is used to describe products that satisfy the certifications for waterproof, dust proof, and drop proof. Creating a true rugged device requires years of manufacturing experience incorporating in-demand technologies, latest design trends, and novel engineering.

Many rugged devices that exist on the market only resemble a rugged device in aesthetics or superficial features but when scrutinized further reveals that the device cannot withstand the true rugged tests. An IP68 rating is the highest rugged certification an electronic device can achieve. This means that the device can withstand up to 1 meter below water for 30 minutes, survive damage from 1.5 meter vertical drop, and guard up to 99% dust particles. Because of such high rating, IP68 devices are usually military-grade (MIL-STD-810G) compliant which means it can withstand harsh environments and temperature.

When making the choice of your next rugged device, make sure that it not only looks rugged but that it truly is a rugged device. Check out the latest products from Jesy for the most professional, premium, and rugged devices!

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