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Mar 17, 2018

OUKITEL K10 is getting power consumption test for its 11000mAh battery

OUKITEL has announced the high-end flagship king battery smartphone K10 with 11000mAh battery. With larger battery, faster charger, upgraded processors and new operating system, how long will K10 last with the 11000mAh battery? Here OUKITEL released a new video showing its incredible endurance by most power consumption way.

In the video, we adjusted K10 to brightest screen and maximum volume, then plays the TV play “Breaking Bad”continuously online with wifi on. After 1 our video playing, it only consumes 1% power and left 99%. Since K10 battery is too large, we decided to check the battery capacity several hours one time. After 4 hours online video playing, K10 gets 86% power, 7 hours later, there were 70% power left, 17 hours later, it finally consumes 85% power of K10 and left 15% power. OUKITEL arranged the battery consumption line, so the left 15% really lasts long. After 20 hours video playing, K10 has 6% power left. From 6% to 1%, K10 still supports 1 hour online video playing. This is really incredible for normal smartphones.

Among all the process that consumes battery, screen is the item that drains most power. The above data were tested by most power consumption way. So continuous watching FHD video will consume battery quite fast. If you want K10 to last longer and longer, turn down the volume and make it lower screen brightness, you will be surprised by normal daily using. OUKITEL K10 gets 11000mAh battery, but will pack the fastest 5V/5A flash charger. After optimizing in final software, you will be able to fully charge 11000mAh battery in 2 hours 15 minutes. With 2 hours and 15 minutes charging, use it for several days, do you like it?

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