Sep 29, 2017

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing Xiaomi Mi JMJQR01IQI Bluetooth Control Mitu Building Block Robot

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Meet Xiaomi Mi JMJQR01IQI Mitu Building Block Robot
JMJQR01IQI Mitu Robot is another innovative products from XIAOMI. It is made of high quality green material, consisting of 978 parts, which will need your intelligence and patience to finish building it. So quite a challenge for kids above 10, even a difficult task for adults. Would you like to accept this challenge?

Remember those good old days when we were kids and playing with those good old Lego blocks? Seems to me Xiaomi has taken a notch higher where Lego has never venturerd into, let me introduce to you the Mi Bunny Building Blocks Intelligent Robot!

Gone are the days where kids will manually push the building blocks cars to move, now since its already the touch screen era, Xiaomi took the toy for an upgrade, imagine infusing the blocks with the power of a smartphone in terms of a microprocessor, how cool is that?

Now you can freely control the robot using your phone using the dedicated application. You can designate the functions of the blocks and the microprocessor will command it upon your settings. The precision of the motor is up to 1 degree of precision, meaning it‘’s very very precise upon you every command. Now its no only fun in playing, but also fun in learning. There are several default structures that you can build, a Robot, an Aircraft and a Dinosaur, and so on! This will bring out the creative juice inside you!

MITU Block Robot is governed by a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 chip with 72 MHz frequency. Its operating system allows it to perform coordinated actions. Gyroscope sensor helps to keep it upright on the go or after hitting other objects. As the website claims, the robot can carry loads up to 3 kg.

MITU Block Robot has not only a robot disguise. It can be transformed into a dinosaur or an aircraft as well. Construction process resembles the one with Lego bricks, however, results in a robot, one is able to actually bring to life.

A total of 978 pieces enables the user to follow his imagination and assemble a robot other than the three above. The parts are easy to put together and are made out of hypoallergenic polycarbonate. They are colored in orange, white and gray with two black rubberized wheels.

Xiaomi robot can be put into motion and steered by an app. To get a full control of it three control modes come in handy: joystick mode, gyro mode, and path mode. The latter is an interesting one, as the user creates a route for a robot to follow as with GPS. With a help of tutorials the user learns a unique graphical programming mode which enables to program a sequence of various moves and even teach the robot how to dance.

Mi Bunny Block Robot measures 38×32×9 cm and comes with four USB Type-C ports. A 1700 mAh battery is stationed on board, expanding an overwhelming experience with the robot. There are not so many companies engaged in making complicated toys like this. With a MITU Block Robot Xiaomi threw its hat in the ring to develop intellectual and interactive toys. 

The 978 components of Mitu Builder are made by zero draft technology which can reach a maximum precision of 0.005mm. Together with the accurate mechanical connection structure formed by gear set, chain and cardan shaft, a high-efficient executive performance can be guaranteed. All components of the robot are made from secure raw materials without pollution, you can rest assured to use.

Multiple CPU cluster. Different professional CPU formed a powerful team of cooperation, can complete the task faster, faster boot speed, faster response times.

Powerfull & high precision motor. Balance algorithm. High PTO speed 170R/min. Output torque 254.8mN.m. Photoelectric encoder. Motor rotation accuracy of 0.2°. Rotation-Clogging Protective.

Xiaomi Mi JMJQR01IQI Mitu Building Block Features
Made of high quality green ABS material
978 parts can compose into a cool and agile electronic robot or a super dinosaur
Just like smart phone, this robot has its own original processor Cortex Mx 32
Auto-balance system makes this robot not easy to fall and support another 1.5kg loading
Using bluetooth to connect your cellphone, you can control it under 3 different modes
2 high power brushed motors reach 170r/p
Modularization graphical programming function means you can let this robot dance
4 USB Type-C interfaces to power other expansion equipment 

Xiaomi Mi JMJQR01IQI Mitu Building Block Specifications
Manufacturer: Xiaomi
Model: Mi Bunny MITU Block Robot
Type: Block Robot
Dimensions: 380×320×90 mm
Material: hypoallergenic polycarbonate ABS PC
Number of parts: 978
SoC CPU: STM32, 72 MHz, 32-bit
Flash memory: 32MB (Extended storage is not supported)
Connection: Bluetooth
2.4G wireless support (connection sensor)
Wi-Fi supports Type-C extension
Power supply: 1700 mAh lithium battery
Battery: 11.4V 18.32Wh Battery
Charging time: about 120min
Working time: about 4 hours
Charging adapter: 12V / 5 V
Motor type: Servomotor
Sensor: Gyro sensor
Support Interface expansion
Support Wireless expansion
Infrared sensor can be connected (not included)
Ultrasonic sensors can be connected (not included)
Color sensor can be connected (not included)
Programmable RGB lights
Software: Mobile remote control support
Voice recognition support
Planning path support
Gravity sensing
Programming control support
Mobile programming support
Color: White/ Red
Working Temperature: -10°C~45°C
Robot weight: About 1288g

Product code: RM7837US / 14266/00055982 / 6970244522146 / 2017.02
CMIIT ID: 2016DP6400
Power adapter model: CA19-1
Application: MiRobotBuilder v1.8.0. Download it from here.
Balance firmware updated to latest version 1.3.0
Control firmware updated to latest version 1.6.0
Voice firmware v1.2.0
Voice Data v1.2.0

Gyro sensor
Support Interface expansion
Support Wireless expansion
Infrared sensor can be connected (not included)
Ultrasonic sensors can be connected (not included)
Color sensor can be connected (not included)
Programmable RGB lights

Mobile remote control support
Voice recognition support
Planning path support
Gravity sensing
Programming control support
Mobile programming suppor

Package Content 
1 x Main Processor Unit
2 x Motor Arm
1 x Chinese Power Adapter
8 x Block Package
2 x Tire
1 x Building Manual
1 x Chinese User Manual

Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here. Official webpage here.

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