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Apr 12, 2017

Video: The Path To Premium Build

The build quality has the touchstone of UMIDIGI’s confidence in showcasing their products. HQ in Shenzhen China, where 90% of the world’s consumer electronics are made, UMIDIGI has the exceptional advantage in working with the factories to set their build quality with even higher standard while keeping close monitoring of the process.

Pressure makes Diamond
As the old saying goes, pressure makes diamonds, pressure also makes the solidity of C Note, the latest product from UMIDIGI. The correlation between UMIDIGI and manufacturing factories is a result of finely tuned synergy, which requires skillful and attentive craftsmanship of matching the latest technology.

High Standard Finishing
The all-metal unibody of UMIDIGI C Note is created from a single slab of aerospace-level aluminum, and each case has gone through a 48-hour process of finishing to reach its final form and build quality. Accurate assembling gives the maximum endurance when facing bumps and falls. After all, the body has faced a CNC polishing process of sandblasting, Anodic Oxidation, manual sand papering to generate the super smooth and refined feeling for touch.

Aesthetic In Making

Bear in mind the basic Bauhaus design principle, “form follows function”, which has been adherents since our previous models. The aesthetic has not been missed in the manufacturing process of UMIDIGI C Note. Seamless full metal unibody, precise curve, elegant arcs, streamlined modeling, all are there to present a light, neat and solid user experience in touch and in use. Golden and Grey color options offer graceful and metallic preference respectively.

Big Battery with Optimized Power Consumption
UMIDIGI C Note can no doubt last you a day’s heavy use. The 3800mAh big battery is obvious, but more power use can be optimized due to the Quad-core RAM processor and the better power saving solution from Android 7.0 Nougat, which comes out of the box. UMIDIGI C Note turns out to be a fine result of the synergizing correlation between hardware and software. In Aristotle’s words, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

With the sole working part of the machines, the final result cannot be achieved. It is a magnetism between mankind and machines that requires constant monitoring, tuning and the final polishing. In order to give you more hints on the manufacturing process, UMIDIGI has released a video in revealing more details.

UMIDIGI C Note Presale
On 11th April, UMIDIGI C Note starts its presale with the price of $129.99. The pre-sale price will remain until next month before it goes back to the official price of 149.99. Additionally, if you order during the pre-sale period, two extra gifts will be attached with the phone, a useful phone case and screen protector!

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