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Jan 8, 2017

1,000,000 Plays of Rockchip Visual Platform RV1108 CES Viral Videos!

CES is not only a feast of science and technology, but also an eye-dazzling marketing war. Rockchip, a Chinese chip manufacturer, specially using "viral video" marketing strategy, made intelligent visual platform RV1108 and its terminal application products have attracted global dealers' attention.

At CES 2017, Rockchip disclosed three comparison videos based on RV1108 visual processing platform and similar solutions, which highlight the image quality advantage of RV1108 image processing on the "Wide Dynamic" under different circumstances like night vision, backlight and definition.

The information shows that the intelligent visual development platform RV1108 with built-in high-performance DSP uses key technologies such as intelligent image processing, achieving revolutionary evolution on the efficient intelligent vision and image perception.

RV1108 has five major technical features:
1. Powerful DSP: embedded CEVA XM4 visual processor DSP, up to 600MHz;
2. Low-light-level night vision imaging: professional image processing unit;
3. High-performance encoder: 2K/H.264, high definition & low bit rate;
4. Multifunction voice processing capability: support up to 8-way MIC array, support 3A phonetic algorithms, such as echo cancellation, noise suppression;
5. High integration & high scalability: support multi-Camera sensor input, HDMI OUT/CVBS OUT/ CVBS IN /Audio Codec.

The audio has functions including multi-way MIC array, noise suppression, echo cancellation, sound localization, main sound follow, intelligent voice (algorithms of MIC array); the video has functions including codec 2K/H.264 image quality, motion detection, face recognition, low-light-level night vision.

During CES, Rockchip has showed many IoT application terminals based on RV1108, including DRV smart rearview mirror, sport DV, VR panoramic camera, IP Camera, drones etc...

Efficient visual processing technology and image perception based on RV1108 have their own technical focuses when being applied to terminal products. For example, the DRV smart rearview mirror based on RV1108 showed at the conference supports up to 1440P 30 frames image, which also can be used as front and back double-record streaming media, and the rearview camera supports up to 1080P 30 frames. While the VR panoramic camera powered by RV1108 has powerful operational capability thanks to its built-in DSP, professional image processing unit with supporting 3K-class image videography, and has function of image splicing to realize the panoramic video imaging at a time without secondary equipment editing. You can start to watch immediately after directly inserting storage device (such as SD card) into VR device (for similar solutions, you need to perform secondary splicing on the computer or mobile phone device before watching on the VR device).

An intelligent visual development platform, RV1108 platform will open source, providing global ecological chain and developers with RV1108 basic development suites. It's known that RV1108 is based on Linux OS, supporting MiniGui and other UIs, which also can flexibly support WiFi/BT/GPS driver and mobile phone interconnection (Android/IOS), providing a more friendly and profound secondary development environment for developers.

Intelligent image and audio are the keys to interaction. The technical advantages of RV1108 may offer infinite possibilities to IoT developing equipment forms, functions and technologies, and have important significance for the development of global IoT industry chain.

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