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Dec 11, 2016

Video: UMi Plus E - Amazing Battery Performance

Nowadays when people go for faster and better performance smartphones with more apps running in the same time, there's one thorny that almost nobody can ignore: the length of battery life.

We at UMI, a company that is constantly digging deeper into the customers needs with a close look of the latest technology, worked really hard to improve battery performance, while decreasing charging time. Therefore, we decided to go for a massive 4000mAh battery in our latest product - UMI Plus E.

Slim and light, UMI Plus E is capable for a full day use with your regular use. The 690Wh/L high density battery cells manufactured by Sony, is providing 26% higher power than normal smartphone batteries. In addition, the software optimization makes the battery life to last even longer. UMi Plus E is leading the market thanks to the latest PE+ Quick Charge Technology.

For comparison, a battery test between UMI Plus E and Samsung S7 is presented in the video. From 1%, UMI Plus E’s 4000mAh battery can be fully charged in 1hr and 50 minutes, while the Samsung S7’s 3000mAh one reaches only 91%. In 30 minutes charging, UMI Plus E gets 27% while 20% goes for Samsung S7.

UMI has done a great job in maximizing the charging efficiency on the UMI Plus E model. 


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