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Nov 14, 2016

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing OLALA ID102 64GB iDisk USB Flash Drive Apple MFi Certified


You can now buy OLALA ID102 64GB iDisk USB Flash Drive Apple MFi Certified from Amazon for only $47.99

OLALA ID102 64GB iDisk USB Flash Drive Description
Smart phones make it easy to take pictures. As a result, many people end up with huge amounts of precious storage space filled with images they’ve captured over a long period of time. If your phone has 16 GB of storage, you will find yourself running out of space and looking at warning messages unless you clean house or use a device like this 64GB Olala iDisk to move images and documents off the phone for instant remote viewing.

The OLALA ID102 64GB iDisk USB Flash makes it easy to do; the small device fits easily in the palm of my hand. It comes with a USB3 adapte connector (backward compatible to USB2) at one end and a lightning connector at the other end. Plug the lightning connector into the phone and a notice pops up offering to install the Olala iDisk application. Once installed, the screen shows an icon for the phone and another for the iDisk. There’s also a mandala-like disk with icons that will connect you to your camera or photo library and the iDisk settings menu, where you can enter a password.

Multimedia files can be stored directly to the iDisk when it is plugged into your phone, which makes transferring files simple. Store photos and video shot on your iOS device onto the iDisk, then unplug the iDisk from your phone and plug it into another device using the lightning connection or USB connector and view them on your iPad or on your PC. The iDisk app is easy to navigate, with a QR code to the download right on the iDisk packaging.

OLALA ID102 64GB iDisk USB Flash Drive Features
Apple MFi Certified 8-pin lightning connector - Ensure 100% compatible and syncs with Apple lightning devices, can be used as iPhone 6 6s Plus 6 Plus SE 5s 5c 5 flash drive, iPad Air Air 2 mini flash drive. No need to synchronize with iTunes/iCloud, directly Plug & play photo / video from flash drive via app on your iphone, so this compact iphone flash drive is ideal for transfer, store files, take photos, and watch video while travel on plane/train/bus, even anytime and anywhere. 
Automatically Record Your Photo/Video to Flash Drive Directly - 64GB external memory expansion, quickly free up memory on your iPhone/iPad. Directly click "Take photo/Take video" via App, data will be automatically stored on flash drive, not use mobile memory. Click "From Library" via App, the selected photo/video on your iphone will be copied to flash drive directly. 
Easy to Use Free App (User Guide on App) - One of the easiest way to Transfer video, photoes, document between your iphone Album, in-app storage (named "iPhone" on app) and external storage (named "iDisk" on app). The app also allows directly Edit and Manage all your data on Apple Lightning Devices (creat folder, delete, copy, move). 
Three in one fuction design: Micro -USB 3.0 Connector suits for Android Smart Phones and Tablets, Computers, with extra cable and adapter in the package 
Access Security - Password protect your data safe on "iDisk" (flash drive) and "iPhone" (in-app storage). Open TouchID and Password on setting to secure your whole storage, or Lock selected files with password. Perfect to protect individual privacy. 

To Ensure the best connection please remove your phobe case. 
You could not transfer iTunes music and videos to flash drive, as they are Digital Rights Management protected.
Download ‘iDisk me’ directly from APP Store for detail Manual.

OLALA ID102 64GB iDisk USB Flash Drive Specifications
Interface: Lightning and USB 3.0 connectors
Product dimensions: 59*28*9mm
Capacity: 64GB
Color: Space Gray
Net weight: 18g

Product code: 902000833407 / 904233-ID102BK64
Name: USB Flash Drive ID102BK64
USB Flash Drive available Disk Space: 62.90 GB (Android) / 58.5 GB (Windows 10)

8-pin Lightning Connector Compatible with: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, iPad Pro, Air, Air 2, iPad mini 2 3 4, iPad 4 and more Apple lightning devices

Not Compatible with: iPhone 4 4s, iPad 2, 3, iPod Nano 6, iPod Touch 4 or earlier versions (which are not lightning devices) 

iDisk me application
The iDisk me is the ultimate solution for memory expansion on iOS device. It's provides two-way storage between iOS and MAC/PC without Wi-Fi or network signal. This ultra-slim and fast flash drive enables users to seamlessly transfer, view and share documents, images, video and audio files between a multitude of gadgets. Organize, edit and manage files across multiple platforms, including iPad, iPhone. Play music and videos directly from the freeing up space on your devices. Other features include file encryption, contacts backup-restore. Whether traveling by airplane for a business trip, stuck in a remote location without reception, or wanting to share photos and videos of a recent vacation, iDisk me fits perfectly into any lifestyle. 

Download iDisk me application version  1.5.4 from App Store.

Package Content 
1 x OLALA ID102 64GB iDisk USB Flash Drive Apple MFi Certified
1 x Cap for Lightning port
1 x Micro USB 3.0 Cable 

1 x Adapter for USB to Micro USB OTG
1 x English User Manual

* 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason
* 1 year warranty provided. 

Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here


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