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Nov 6, 2016

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing HF-610 Bluetooth 4.1 Car Multipoint Speakerphone

You can now buy HF-610 Bluetooth 4.1 Car Multipoint Speakerphone from Gearbest for only $11.66 with free shipping world wide

The Bluetooth speakerphone is specially designed to give you convenience and freedom of wireless communication while in the car. With advanced built-in microphone which adopts D.S.P. (Digital Sound Processing) solution for Echo Cancellation & Noise Suppression, this speakerphone creates an outstanding full duplex sound quality, also supports dual connection and Multi-language voice prompts. With CE and FCC certifications, it is a High-Quality Bluetooth speakerphone, you will enjoy using it. Although the Bluetooth speakerphone makes mobile communication easier and safer, it is suggested that you focus on driving and use your phone as little as possible. 

HF-610 Bluetooth 4.1 Car Multipoint Speakerphone Features
- Bluetooth specification: 4.1 + A2DP, class 2
- 5 languages selection: English, Italian, Spanish, French and German
- Digital signal processing supports advanced echo and noise cancellation
- Up to 16 hours talk time, 45 days standby time and 2 to 3 hours charge time
- Power saving function: shut down automatically when phone is more than 10 meters away
- Support voice prompt, report call number when the call in
- Support multiple paired, connect 2 phones simultaneously
- Support full-duplex sound
- Operating frequency: 2.4 - 2.48GHz
- Support headset, hands-free profiles, A2DP and AVRCP

HF-610 Bluetooth 4.1 Car Multipoint Speakerphone specifications
Bluetooth version: V4.1+A2DP
Operating frequency: 2.4-2.48GHz
Work distance: Class 2, 10 Meters
Protocols supported: HSP and HFP, A2DP, ACRCP
Standby time: 45 Days
Talk time: 16 Hours
Charging time: about 2 Hours
Charging voltage: DC 5.0V, 400 mA
Built in Li-ion battery: 650mAh, BL - 5B 3.7V DC - 650mAh, Charging limit: 4.2V - GB/T 18287-2000 / 01010010036 / 08010010078
Car USB Charger: Input: 12-24V DC / Output: 5V - 500mA
Product code: E-Y01-A3-201 / 191024301 

Package Content
1 x Speakerphone
1 x USB Charger
1 x USB Cable
1 x Sun Visor Clip
1 x User Manual in English
1 x Battery

About Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit
To help the driver to achieve the liberation of the hands, safe driving and using a mobile phone correct, Bluetooth hands-free device turned out. By Car Bluetooth handsfree, people can ease in processing the phone while driving, thus completely eliminating the potential risk factors driving the formation of the call. In fact, before the emergence of Bluetooth hands-free, people have been trying to find out a variety of possible solutions. Phone hands-free, headset Bluetooth headset even have been tried. However, this inevitably there are several ways this kind of problem. Use the phone hands-free, in order to let the other party can hear clearly, drivers often have to shout themselves hoarse. Hard not to say, the call quality is not guaranteed, not only that, the spirit of the dispersion caused due to loud calls tremendous driving risks. Using a Bluetooth headset, although a lot of convenience, but the trouble has not been completely resolved. Most Bluetooth headsets are not on the battery showed that in no way of knowing whether the battery runs out of the situation, there is not a Bluetooth headset during a call electricity situation is very possible. Can you imagine how embarrassing when the headset with an important client calls the phenomenon will have no power what? Prolonged use of a Bluetooth headset, not only damage your hearing, and because there has been a large ear pressure, so the driver will have problems in the process of moving sound judgment. In addition, When the driver using Bluetooth mobile phone to answer the call, you need to focus on the ear side, but from the front of the line of sight while driving. Bluetooth cell phone can not allow the driver to do the eyes and ears in the same direction, disrupting people`s nerves balance system, leading to the attention of a large number of scattered, still huge potential driving risks.

Because of this, in Europe and America, talking on the phone while driving is strictly prohibited, not just ordinary headphones, including a Bluetooth headset. The emergence of Bluetooth hands-free devices are completely solve the problem. Based on Bluetooth technology, this device can talk like an auxiliary car accessories like placed anywhere in the car, after the pair will be able to enter the mobile phone usage patterns. Bluetooth hands-free configuation with a dedicated speaker and sound receiver, not only can transfer incoming calls sound clear out, but also the user`s voice can be collected after the high -quality pass out through the phone. In addition, due to the flexibility of the design, Bluetooth handsfree generally have a longer standby time, and can make calls through the vehicle equipment. Use Bluetooth hands-free, drivers can easily and application of a variety of calls at the same time as driving, but also to avoid the winding, such as long-term wear cause earache, sudden power outages and other problems exist. Bluetooth hands-free use of high-quality speaker and microphone, selection and optimization of the acoustic output signal amplification technology, Provides perfect sound reproduction, motorists can effortlessly hear the caller`s voice, not because of too many distractions caused by unnecessary risk. At the same time the product`s active noise cancellation technology, effective filter harmonics in the external environment and the surrounding clutter, clear call quality, natural, smooth, so that the recipient is driving people can clearly hear the voices of people driving. And run fast, accurate data transfer more secure, a wider range of applications, home and office use or can be used both in the car. And it has voice dialing mode , and truly make and receive calls into a "verbal gymnastics", easier to use, but also greatly increase the safety factor. Bluetooth hands-free operation is very simple, intuitive keypad buttons to complete the startup and use various functions by turning the button. In addition, Bluetooth hands-free cell phone radiation will minimize enjoy the convenience of its products, while also protecting the health, in short, Bluetooth hands-free use lets you "throw" out the phone to answer the phone, driving call correct.

Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here


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