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Oct 13, 2016

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing Digoo BB-M1 WiFi Home Security IP Camera


You can now buy Digoo BB-M1 WiFi Home Security IP Camera from Banggood.com for only 19.99 USD with free shipping world wide.

Many parents don’t feel safe to leave their babies in the nursery alone since there are a lot of things that they might concern about. If you have a cute baby, you might not fall asleep well at night, because you concern about your baby all the time that if he is crying or feeling uncomfortable. In view of that, you need a baby WiFi camera monitor to make sure that everything is under control. However, different from all those necessaries, like crib, car seat or diapers, the baby WiFi camera monitor might not be inevitable, but it’s really important as to keep your baby safe. So, I would like to introduce you this Digoo BB-M1 baby WiFi camera monitor.

To take a look at this one from smart home products, it is designed in black and white, and it’s very fashionable, so it will certainly fit your home well. To turn it on, all you need is to connect this baby WiFi camera monitor with a USB cable. Its exterior is simple and flawless for the nursery. But, the function would be the factor that we value the most as choosing a baby WiFi camera monitor. After turning it on and connecting it with your smartphone, you could move the camera up, down, right, and left, which helps you monitor your baby with a better view. It has the rotation of 355 degrees, which is almost the full rotation so that you could get almost everything under control. As other smart camera monitors do, this one could show live images on your smartphone, so that you could check your baby wherever you are.

With this one, it’s capable of talking to your child, as long as you got your smartphone. It’s kind of convenient because you don’t have to calm your baby down after rushing to the nursery. And all you need to do is to sing a song or say some gentle words through your smartphone. If there are abnormal movements that appear in the live images, you will be alarmed with siren. It’s a way to make sure that everything is okay in the nursery. As this one has infrared night vision, it’s great to monitor your baby all the day, especially at night when all the lights are turned off for your baby’s sweet dreams.

In short, this Digoo BB-M1 baby WiFi camera monitor is worth trying. 

360Eye Android Application
360Eye is a free app, developed specially for P2P camera supporting software, the software can achieve real-time viewing, receiving alarm information, remote control, video playback and other utility functions, for home security add a guarantee. You can downloa it from Google Play Store or from www.360eye.cc. You can also download the PC Client software from here.

1. Software installation - phone software download: Search "360Eye" in Iphone App Store. And install, or scan right code, more details OR Search "360Eye"in android market or Scan QR code.

2. Add, view camera [camera connection Internet (Note voice prompts)]
A. First way: WIFI Smart link (support for Apple and Android phones)
Default is "WIFI Smart link' mode. Long press "RESET button. It will restore the factory settings
And enter "WIFI Smart link' mode
Short press (Click) "RESET button" to enter" AP mode.
Phone connected to the router WIFI, Then click "WIFI smart link" on the APP.
Enter WIFI router name and password in configuration page (with voice prompts), and then click "Next" (Figure 1)
In the software search process, device will automatically connect to the router, after configuration is complete, it will automatically appear in the device list of the device .
Click the device to view the image.

B. Second way: Quick AP Configuration (Iphone does not support thisfeature)
- Long Press " reset button (the reset button in the bottom of camera with a small hole, put a toothpick to press)" There will be a voice prompt "restore factory settings successfully" and then enter "WIFI smart link "mode (voice prompts), enter router password, the device in the case of
LAN device configuration → Settings→Network → AP mode (hotspot mode without connecting a router) to save the tick, the voice prompts will build a
successful hot spot) → return my device (the device will display Internet Online), long press device name "Delete Device" , Click AP Quick Configuration → Click Searched the device name can be connected (if the device did not come out, please refresh).
- Select the router, enter the router password, click "Save", and after devices connected to the
router, the device will appear in the device list.

C. Third way: hot configuration (support for Apple and Android phones)
Short press (Reset key in a small hole in the bottom of camera, put a toothpick to click) "reset button" to enter "AP hot spots" mode
- Open the phone WIFI settings, connected devices hot spot(MV * beginning hotspots))
- In the APP, click on the "Search Device"
- After search out the device, click "Settings" - "Network" -"Station ", select the router WIFI, and enter WIFI password, and saved, after hearing the voice prompt "complete routing connections" That Ends.

3. Playback
- video search
- video files
- Play Photo last file / stop / playback / next file / sound

4. Device settings
Select the device and configure the device, below for the device functions introduction
- Network Configuration: A P mode and s t a t i o n mode can be switched with each other; AP mode: The device hotspots (it means the device can send WIFI signal named “MV...”, it can be found in the mobile phone WLAN setting
Station modes: the device connected with router, throughout router to connect the Internet ;
- Record settings: automatic recording 24 hours all day; Alarm recording: take video after image will change; Audio recording: recording sound;
Video Resolution: SD (V G A), HD (7 2 0 P) (Select HD video recording, video file size will be larger, memory card storage time is short)
- Alarm and tips: Arming and disarming switch: Push picture switch; Voice master switch: All voice prompts device master switch; Device alarm audio: mobile audio alarm switch; Voice prompt language: choose English or Chinese;
- Time and date: adjust device time;
- Account: You can modify the camera user name and password;
- Version & Upgrades: Remotely upgrade equipment systems, equipment and query system and hardware information.

5. More features
- receive push pictures prompt settings
- view and save the captured images
- can be set to open the software gesture password
- online automatic upgrade to the latest version of the phone software
- exit the software

6. Modify and Delete Device
Long press device name to bring up the Device Manager device interface:
- modifying device: You can modify the device ID number, user name and password (if user
name and password input error can be modified directly in this,do not have to re-add the device)
- Delete Device: You can delete a single device
- Batch Remove: You can delete multiple devices
Digoo BB-M1 Specifications
Brand / Model: Digoo BB-M1
Parameter: 720P P2P WIFI Camera
Image Sensor: 1/4 Progressive Scan CMOS Sensor 

Processor: GM8135S+SC1045
Effective Pixels: 1.0MP, 1280x720
Illumination: 0.02Lux @(F2.0,AGC On), 0 Lux with IR
Electronic Shutter: Adaptive shutter
Lens: 3.6mm F2.0
Digital Zoom: 4 times
Day/Night: ICR Infrared Filter
Digital Noise Reduction: 3D Digital noise reduction
Compression: H.264
Encoding type: Main Profile
Compression rate: High Resolution, Standard resolution, Rate adaptation
Audio compression: AAC
Audio compression rate: Rate adaptation
Image Resolution: 720P
Frame rate: Max : 25fps internet Adaptively adjustment
image setting: Brightness, contrast, saturation (adjust the settings through the client)
Memory: Support Micro SD Card Slot (Max to 64GB) Local Storage, and will auto cover the old file.
Onvif: Support Onvif, auto turn on the Onvif port.
Intelligent Alarm: Video loss, network disconnection, power disconnection
fast configuration: Acoustic configuration (WIFI fast configuration)
Mobile App: LV360
General: Reverse, capture, motion detection, password protection, video playback, remote control, two-way intercom audio
Wireless Standard: IEEE802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n  Draft
Frequency Range: 2.4 GHz ~ 2.4835GHz
Channel bandwidth: 20/40 MHZ
Security: 64/128-bit WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPS
Transmission rate: 11b:11Mbps, 11g:54Mbps, 11n:135Mbps
LAN Port: Not Support (WiFi connection support)
Housing: ABS Plastic
IR Distance: 10 Meters
IR Cut Filter: YES
Operation Temperature: -30°C~+50°C RH95% Max
Storage Temperature: -40°C~+60°C RH95% Max
Power Supply: DC 5V
Power consumer: 3W MAX
Dimension: 87.1X87.1x142.8mm
Weight: 0.3KG

System app version: AppV380E2_PTZ_V2.0.3.3_20160725
System Kernel version: KerV380E2_PTZ_V2.1.0_20160506
System hardware version: HwV380E2_WF1_PTZ_20160217  

Package content 
1 x Digoo BB-M1 IP Camera Monitor
1 x USB Cable
1 x English User Guide
1 x Install Accessories Set
1 x Base

Photo gallery full album here.
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