Sep 26, 2016

Video: How to use ShareMe function on Mixcder ShareMe Pro Headphone. Visual comparison with previous model

Mixcder ShareMe Pro Highlights: Superior Stereo Sound, Crystal-Clear Acoustics, Deep Bass High Fidelity, Unique ShareMe Function drom Mixcder, Comfortable & Super Light, Premium & Lightweight build, Long Battery Life & Dual Mode, Wireless Bluetooth 4.1. Here you can read the unboxing article of this great device.

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Share Me Function
Note: Touse this function you have to use 2 pairs of Mixcder ShareMe Pro Headphones.
ShareMe Pairing. Used for the first time, open two sets of headphones in the matching state at the same time, then two headsets automatically matching (the subordination relation will be random distribute automatically after pairing), then open the mobile device, and connect to the parent headphone.

The music or audio program will be shared among the two headphones and the Bluetooth-enabled device simultaneously.
1. Make sure the headphones and the connected Bluetooth-enabled device are turned off.
2. Do not place all devices more than one meter away from each other.
3. Press and hold the power buttons  located on each headphones for 5-6 seconds untill the LED flashes blue and red alternately, which means pairing mode.
4. The two headphones will pair each other automatically. Once sucessfully paired, one headphone voice will say 'Connected, left channel' and the LED flashes blue and red alternately, which means this is the primary headphone. The other headphone voice will say 'Connected, right channel' and the LED turns to solid blue, which means this is secondary headphone.
5. Start Bluetooth function on the device and select 'Mixcder ShareMe Pro' to pair with primary headphone.
6. Once successfully paired, the LED light turns into solid blue. You will hear 'Pairing succesfully, second device connect'.

Visual comparison between Mixcder ShareMe Pro and previous model  Mixcder ShareMe7 Headphones.

Mixcder ShareMe7 Highlights: Brilliant ShareMe Technology, Strong Wireless Signal with Bluetooth 4.1 version, Foldable & Comfortable, Extra long playing time & Universally compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled phones and devices. Here you can read the unboxing article of this previous version.

High quality photo album here.


About Mixcder Mixcder is a brand specialized in designing, researching and developing relevant audio products for people fond of music, and its product line covers earphone, sound box and various audio accessories. Mixcder products are designed to express a youthful spirit, symbolize the freedom in pursuing a dream, and lead the trend of fashion-tech, enabling consumers all around the globe to enjoy the aesthetic of sound.Technically, Mixcder has applied the cutting-edge Bluetooth technology in the world to enable the best compatibility; in terms of functional design, Mixcder products are upgraded from one generation to the next so as to satisfy the users’ demands on acoustic experience; as for tone tuning, we’ve invited professional tuner who has 20-year experience in tone tuning to make the most appealing tone for us; for operation, Mixcder has specially integrated human-oriented design into its product according to American youth’s habit, and Mixcder products will be optimized and upgraded to facilitate easy operation. Focusing on quality assurance, Mixcder is aiming at achieving the excellence. By virtue of perfect tone quality, cool appearance and fashion design, Mixcder will regard excellent user experience as its ultimate goal, and enable every person fond of music to enjoy the original beauty out of the sound all around the world. 
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