Aug 4, 2016

Geniatech cooperating on the development and deployment of DVB-T2 HD HEVC H.265 applications

Phase 1: DVB-T2 HEVC HD H.265 Media Codec (Germany).
Stuttgart, Herzogenrath, Shenzhen 25 July 2016 – Geniatech and Struktur AG have successfully completed the first phase of their cooperation on the development of HEVC.H.265 applications. With the market launch of EyeTV T2, end consumers now have access to a native solution which can receive and play DVB-T2 HD (FTA) on computers without putting additional strain on the existing hardware for decoding.

The cooperation between one of the leading Chinese companies for innovative TV and video solutions and the German software house is focussing on high-efficiency decoding of moving images (High Effiency Video Coding), which sets new benchmarks in compression with the HEVC H.265 standard. With data compression of up to 50 percent, images can be transferred for large-format, sharp and high-resolution playback. However, this is very demanding in terms of the computing power of the playback device.

The development produced jointly by Geniatech and Struktur AG aims to integrate high-performance content coded using HEVC H.265 on all stationary and mobile platforms. In order to achieve this objective, three phases were agreed for the cooperation. During these three phases, the aim is to develop solutions for all major platforms for processing (decoding) media content which have been compressed using the new HEVC H.265 codec. One of the most important applications in Germany is the transmission of DVB-T2 HD (FTA) high-resolution digital terrestrial television in full-HD resolution with a sharp 50 frames per second for streamlined rapid movement playback.

Solutions are to be developed for Apple, Microsoft and Google operating systems in the three phases:
Phase 1: Apple Mac / Windows PC platform
Phase 2: Android platform (mobile)
Phase 3: Apple iOS, Apple tvOS platform

The first phase has now been successfully completed with the HEVC releases for Mac OSX and Windows. Version 3.6.9 (7512) of EyeTV, the world’s leading Mac software for digital TV, now supports the new DVB-T2 HD. The Total TV for Windows HEVC release masters this implementation as a Windows application. The integration of the high-efficiency H.265 decoder enables the reception and decoding of DVB-T2 HD in Germany. In parallel to this, Geniatech is also releasing the necessary hardware for the new German digital DVB-T2 HD, the EyeTV T2 for Mac and Windows PC to take the strain off the system on a permanent basis.

“The joint developments and applications with Geniatech are characterised by their consistent, structured and future-oriented approach. As both companies have the same objective of setting an efficient quality standard for the processing of highly-compressed HEVC media data, the synergies were tangible and realisable from the outset. Together with Geniatech, we are working hard on implementing the system for tablets and smartphones running the Android and iOS operating systems,” explains Niels Mache, Chairman of the Executive Board of Struktur AG.

Michael Decker, VP / MD of Geniatech, adds: “In terms of quality, this cooperation with Struktur AG is at the very highest level. Geniatech is delighted to be working together with one of the leading solution providers and experts in the media display field. Both companies have quality and cross-platform innovation as part of their DNA. In phase 1, we have already succeeded in providing the best platform for the decoding of DVB-T2 HEVC for Mac and Windows PC.”

All users / Geniatech Devices playing films and live television broadcasts in the new high-resolution HEVC / H.265 - DVB-T2 HD standard on computers and mobile devices can benefit from the cooperation.

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