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Aug 30, 2016

Can Ulefone Metal Survive Fire?

As you may know, our 5-inch 3GB-RAM device Ulefone Metal has survived from electric saw, drill, and 100-feet drop, so we wonder what else can it survive. Maybe fire? OK, let’s try that, right now!

We have put on the Ulefone Metal some ethyl alcohol, which is the only fuel we can find in our office, and lit it up. After a few seconds of burning, the fuel ran out while the phones works without any problem. Well, if the test stops here, it will be . So we put more alcohol on the phone with the display turned on and lit it up again. The display had no ghosting reaction during burning at all! Well, it seems your Ulefone Metal will have no problem if you catch a fire on it casually.

Want this amazing phone? You can buy it for only USD104.99 on Aliexpress with tempered glass and flip case as free gifts.

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