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Jul 1, 2016

Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing Xiaomi ZI5 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery

You can now buy Xiaomi ZI5 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery from Gearbest.com for only 10.59 USD with free shipping world wide. It works perfect together with Xiaomi ZI5 PB400 Bidirectional Rechargeable Battery Charger.

Xiaomi has its own rechargeable battery - Xiaomi ZI5 AA Ni-MH Battery. Classic black and white design, 4pcs in a box. It is a great value collection; a decent, high-end gift; a carefully and beautifully engraved artwork. ZI5 NiMH rechargeable battery 1500 cycles with the use of long-lasting power, no memory effect, low self-discharge, emergency power. By a famous Japanese brand OEM rated capacity 1800mAh / Day, factory pre-charged, ready to use hand. NiMH stability and reduce self-discharge, place one year after the full charge of electricity is still more than 80% of the electricity. No memory effect, there is no need to worry about the remaining battery capacity. And excellent low temperature performance, at minus 20 ℃ environment but also the normal power supply.

Xiaomi ZI5 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Features
● 1500 Times Cycle Life. 1pc ZI5 is equivalent to 1500pcs premium cells, which reduces the wasted batteries and environmental pollution
● Produced by Famous Manufacturer in Japan. Every ZI5 battery is produced by famous manufacturer in Japan, ensuring 1800mAh high capacity and long life time
● Low Self-discharge. After fully charged and stored for one year, ZI5 still remains around 80pct of its original capacity
● No Memory Effect. The ZI5 can be charged and discharged at anytime, the usable capacity of battery will not reduce, and the correlation between voltage and charge status won't be shifted
● Fearless about Coldness. ZI5 can keep excellent performance even under subzero 20 degree centigrade (charge / discharge temperature: -0 - 40 / -5 - 50 degree centigrade)

Product code: E-Y05-A5-301 / 181171701 / May 29th, 2016 (1) 

Xiaomi ZI5 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Specifications 
Size: 50.5max mm * * 14.5max
Model: HR6 (AA 5 number)
Battery Type: Ni-MH battery
Nominal voltage: 1.2V
Battery capacity: 1800mAh min / 1900mAh Typ.
Maximum discharge current: 3600mA (20 deg.] C)
Recommend charging conditions: 550mA * 4 hours (with the recommendation ZI5 charger)
Charge temperature range: 0 ~ 40 deg.] C
Discharge temperature range: -5 ~ 50 deg.] C
Cycle life: after 1500 no less than 60% recovery capacity
Self-discharge: a fully charged at room temperature for 1 years to maintain more than 80%
Weight: ~ 26.5 g

Battery Charger is not included.

Package content 

4 x Xiaomi ZI5 AA Ni-MH Battery

Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here 

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