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Jul 13, 2016

Meet Oukitel in Xichong, Swim with Blue Sky

To celebrate the Oukitel Brand sales volume which creates a new high in June, at the same time, to enrich the cultural life and to enhance the mutual understanding between employees, unity and friendship with each other. On June 25, Oukitel have organize the whole company to Xichong enjoyng fun. Say goodbye to the bustle of the city, without any working pressures only surrounded us with the laughter of the close team.

In such scorching summer, it’s the best weather to hang out at the beach, which had lighten up our passion instantly that we can’t wait to get on swimwear and jump into the lovely sea.

In addition to the company of the sun, the sand, sea water, and of course, also we barbecue, with a few people gather around, talking, laughing and eating also drinking. After all well fed, there’re some people perform for us who are good at singing and dancing.

It’s more impressive than the joy to discover the beauty is the common kinship relationships between colleagues, from all the way full of laughter, as thick as thieves, every colleague care for and take care of each other, deepen the mutual understanding among colleagues, which have make us closer and sublimate our friendship again.

Let’s make miracles together in July!

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