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Apr 16, 2016

Bluboo Picasso brings world’s first anti-blue-ray screen!

You must have been facing a trouble when you play your android phone, web surfing or game playing, whatever. If you spend much time on your phone, you eyes get hurted. The blue-ray light from phone display bring much harm to retina based on research from scientists.

Phone manufacture Bluboo pushed a new concept on Picasso, one of its latest android products in 2016. They said Bluboo Picasso was the first android phone designed with Blue-ray display. The principle is, designer put an anti-blue-ray coating on the surface of display, which is extremely thin, less than 0.1mm thickness. The blue-ray coating can reduce blue-ray to go into your eyes to decrease your uncomfort. This is not a new idea, but Picasso integrate it with Picasso. This is a cool business strategy indeed.

In recent update of Apple iOS 9.3, Apple add a new feature called night mode on this new firmware. The night mode provide a convenient way to let system automatically adjust screen temperature color on popup menu shortcut. The new feature also obey the principle to decrease blue-ray from phone display.

Actually, nowadays, people use smartphones and spend much time on them. Some of smartphone users have noticed the seriousness and they begin to find ways to protect their eyes. They limit the time they spend on smartphone or they choose smartphone with less harm. I believe Picasso could get consumers’ preference with this cool idea.

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