Mar 18, 2016

Morefine in Partnership with Tomrepair, Authorized Oversea Repair Center

Dear all in the MOREFINE community, as we are working hard to produce better products, we are also trying our best to improve our after-sales service. “What can I do if the product is defective?” This might be one of the biggest concerns for our customers. And this is the problem we are trying to solve. Some of our customers suggest us to set up a dedicated repair store for local market. We heard you and now we think there’s a better answer for both of us.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Tomrepair, a reliable repair center with hundreds of experienced technicians and mechanics. This repair service is now available in UK, Russia, Spain and Germany. And we are looking forward to be able to offer the service in more countries to ensure all customer needs can be fulfilled.

We believe this will be one of the notable changes we made to provide better customer support. And we are always here, listening. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we could do better. We’ll keep gathering feedback from you and strive to improve our service.

How it works:
Warranty service is performed by MOREFINE authorized service centers, Tomrepair, subject to the terms and conditions provided in this Limited Warranty. Neither MOREFINE nor Tomrepair are responsible for the costs of shipping the product in claim to the service center and back to the end user. In the event of Product failure, the Customer should take the following actions to obtain the warranty service:

1.Contact MOREFINE to find out whether the Product is still under warranty. MOREFINE will provide the Customer with instructions regarding the process of submitting repairing requests and sending the defective Product. MOREFINE will cover the costs of material and labor required to restore the Product to fully functional condition if the defective Product is within the Warranty Period. Contact details of MOREFINE:
2.Before sending any unit for service, be sure to back up data and remove any confidential, proprietary, or personal information from the Product. MOREFINE and its authorized service centers are not responsible for the damage to or loss of any programs, data, or removable storage media due to any kind of incidental failure of the handset and also at the time of service.

Read the full Warranty Statement here:

Limited Warranty Statement
Thank you for your interest in the products and services of MOREFINE. This limited warranty shall apply to all MOREFINE branded mobile phones released after MAX1 (including MAX1) that are listed on the official website: (the "Product"). MOREFINE warrants that the Product is at the time of its original purchase free of defects in materials and workmanship under regular uses defined in user manuals during the warranty period (“Limited Warranty”). This Limited Warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1.The Warranty is given only to the original purchaser of the Product (the “Customer”). This Limited Warranty may not be sold-on, assigned, transferred or given to any subsequent purchaser or acquirer of the Product.
2.Unless otherwise agreed by the Customer, this Limited Warranty shall last for twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase for mobile devices (“Warranty Period”).
3.Throughout the Warranty Period, MOREFINE or its authorized service center /personal will, at their discretion, without any charges and subject to Clause 4 repair a defective Product.
4.The warranty shall not be applicable under the following circumstance:
a.Usage other than in accordance with the user manual, rough handing, ingression of exposure to any kind of liquid (water, sweat, beverages, oils etc.), exposure to extreme thermal or environmental conditions, corrosion, oxidation, unauthorized repairs, unauthorized spare parts usage, accidents, forces of nature, or other actions beyond the reasonable control of MOREFINE unless the defect was caused directly by defects in material or workmanship. The warranty will also not cover any physical damage to the surface of the handset including but not limited to cracks or scratches on the LCD or camera lens; or
b.Deterioration of the Product due to normal wear and tear; or
c.The Product IMEI number/serial number, the accessory date code, water indicator or the warranty seal has been removed, erased, defaced, altered or is illegible; or
d.The defect was caused by a defective function of the service provider cellular network or other system.
e.Any defects caused by the fact that the battery has been short-circuited or by the fact that the seals of the battery casing or the cells are broken or show evidence of tampering or by the fact that the battery has been used in equipment other than those for which it has been specified; or
f.The defect was caused by the fact that the Product was used with or connected to an accessory not approved or provided by MOREFINE or used in other than its intended use and where it can be shown by MOREFINE that such defect is not the fault of the Product itself.
5.Any claim under the warranty is subject to notification to MOREFINE or a MOREFINE authorized service center for the alleged defect within a reasonable time of its occurrence and in no event later than the expiry of the warranty period.

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