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Mar 11, 2016

Leagoo’s Visit to Middle East

Religions? Disputes? Resources? Or the Middle East covered in hot news every day? Want to know more about Middle East? LEAGOO’s visit will unveil this mysterious region...... On March 2nd to 8th 2016, LEAGOO delegation lead by CEO Johnson and vice president Donny visited Middle East which ranked as a strategically important market of LEAGOO. The group attended the launch ceremony of LEAGOO in Yazd, Iran.

More than 300 famous local dealers were represented at the magnificent event. Friendly Iran people welcomed LEAGOO with huge hospitality.

The delegation also looked over the new office building located in Hi-tech industrial park in Yazd. The construction was a special project authorized by local government that expressed high expectation to LEAGOO. LEAGOO team determined to benefit Iran people and contribute to the development of Sino- Iran relationship.

Johnson’s visit has attracted attention from Economic World Newspaper, the most popular local media who made an exclusive interview about Johnson. The report was reprinted across the country once posted.

To get a good knowledge of market, the group toured LEAGOO stores to research the demand from dealers and consumers. During the whole journey, friendly Iran people swarmed to shake hands or pose for a photography, some even greeted with Chinese ’Nihao”.

As soon as the end of Iran trip, the group arrived in Dubai, a prosperous city at the heart of the Middle East. The luxurious city flourished in the desert developed as much as 25 smartphone market trading all sizes of brands. Dealers spoke highly of LEAGOO wherever the group arrived. As the customized LEAGOO cars navigating through streets, LEAGOO share hope, dream and diligence to this golden city.

What LEAGOO spread in the Middle East, which used to be a controversial area suffered from wars, is hope and dream. LEAGOO is willing to strive with global people to light up smart life with science and technology.


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