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Mar 18, 2016

HiFi Device Ulefone Vienna Comes, To Deliver Truest Music

After half a year of refinement and optimization, we can finally present you a beautiful, powerful, and melodious device. Please remember its name Ulefone Vienna, because it is bound to refresh your perception about audio besides offering the fantastic experience a good smartphone should do.

Let’s go through its features step by step.

1. HiFi
Ulefone Vienna Packs the independent audio solution NXP Smart Audio PA, which packs both DAC and operational amplifier. The audio system can respond to the sound frequencies from 20Hz to 20KHz covering all the sound sensible to human ears. The 109db high SNR and <0.01% low THD will make sure you get the purest music experience. Compared with commonly designed mobile phones you will sense the following differences on the Vienna. First, the sound field will be broader. When you close your eyes, you can feel the music is played in a space where all instruments are located in certain places. Second, music details are rich and clear. You may ignore the sound from Highf-frequency instruments like cymbal before, but you will feel it vivid now; Singer’s voice will be more touch since you can hear some minute vocal changes; and bass will be solid and impressive instead of heavy but vague. In a word, Ulefone Vienna will allow you to touch the essence of music.
2. 32GB Storage
It’s common sense that 16GB storage has fall short of needs these days. With doubled storage on Ulefone Vienna, you don’t have to delete old files and apps every month. And the extra 16GB can store about 1,000 flawless Music files.
3. Sharp® Display
We have equipped Ulefone Vienna with a 5.5-inch FHD LTPS display made by Sharp. Composed of high-quality pixels, it will display images more vividly than average FHD displays.

4. MTK6753 + 3GB LPDDR3 + 13MP Panasonic Camera + 3250mAh Battery
A mobile phone should be good to use at least, or it will be a disaster no matter what extra functions it has. We know that very clearly. Thus we have equipped it with MTK6753 8-core 64-bit chipset, 3GB LPDDR3 high-speed RAM, and 13MP Panasonic MN34172 camera, and. And half a year of software optimization will ensure excellent using experience.

5. Youthful Design + Watchmaking Craftsmanship
Ulefone Vienna was designed for anyone who has a young heart. We have approached this spirit by adopting the most fashionable designing elements such as 2.5D glass and combining them with futuristic designing philosophy. Thanks to Ulefone factory’s meticulous style of work, Ulefone Vienna will be as beautiful and exquisite as the city its name is after.
6. Touch ID + Infrared + Smart Key
To make Ulefone Vienna easier to use, we have added some extra tools to it. The fingerprint scanner allow you to register at most 5 fingerprint scanners, so you unlock your phone with the most convenient finger. The infrared emitter will allow you to control your home appliance with remote control app. And the Smart key will help you start camera and voice recorder in less than 0.1 second.
7. Renewed U-launcher
Ulefone will come with the new U-launcher that works much faster than before, since we have been working on its improvement over the past months. And we have specially designed 4 themes to fit the Vienna in grey, white, black, and pink. Every Vienna will look so unique.

The presales of Ulefone Vienna will not be far away and we’ll offer considerate price when the day come. Please wait and keep attention.

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