Jan 20, 2016

How does the 3D on the VKworld Discovery S2 work

VKworld has released a unique smartphone with naked-eye 3D display--Discovery S2. It claims to be the world’s very first 3D phone with finger print sensor. It features various 3D sources like image, movie and game. One of the most frequent 3D effects we know is mainly applied in 3D movies which require 3D glasses for viewers. However, when you enjoy 3D material on the Discovery S2, you don’t need any glasses. This is because it employs one of the most advanced and difficult 3D technologies--barrier. Now, let’s see how the 3D effect works.

1. There is a parallax barrier between the TFT-LCD-BLU and the LCD panel;
2. The barrier will convert the image into extremely thin vertical stripes and then control these stripes with the LCD panel behind it;
3. The images received by left eye and right eye will be blocked respectively to separate the images from both eyes, and then our brain will automatically combine the images to create a 3D image.  

As the world’s very first phone with 3.0D Corning® Gorilla® curved glass and real naked-eye 3D effect, the display of Discovery S2 features the latest technology of thin-film barrier. Although this new technology costs 30% more expense than the old technologies, it has many advantages:

1. It makes the screen much thinner and lighter; This is the third generation of barrier. The thickness is reduced to 0.05-0.28mm, while the thickness of last generation is 0.3-0.45mm. And the weight of this display is only 10% of other 3D technology.
2. It costs less power and reduces dizziness and sickness from viewing 3D display;Because the third generation of barrier doesn’t need to detect the LCD panel and 3Deffect all the time, it can save 60% power compared to the old ones. And many viewers would feel uncomfortable and dizzy when watching 3D effect in regular displays. But with the thin-film barrier display, the Discovery S2 can provide the best 3D percept to reduce dizziness.
3. It enhances the 3D effect and maintains high resolution without losing brightness and color saturation. For many regular 3D displays, viewers often have to find the perfect viewing  angle and the displays look very dim. But with this generation of barrier, the display comes with wide viewing angle so you don’t have adjust your position. Also, this technology support high resolution and high brightness and color saturation so you can enjoy the most delicate, beautiful and colorful 3D effect.

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