Dec 18, 2015

Ulefone says that Umi is Not A Worthy Opponent Anymore. Why is that?

Back to February of this year, UMI deserved respect from any of their competitors for the amazing UMI Zero, which was so well designed and crafted as deserve to be loved and paid for. But they didn’t keep up the good work. In the past half year or so, they have been damaging their reputation by just-so-so products and poor marketing skills. And with UMI Rome, they have stepped to the lowest point of their history. We feel very sorry about that.

When UMI annouced the Rome, they claimed to defeat Ulefone Paris, Elephone Ivory, Doogee Y100 Plus, Cubot X15 with the bloody slogan “kill your opponents”. How weak were they as need to act so aggressively? A real confident company just have to show their own excellence and then win their support by quality, instead of acting like clown to catch eyeballs.

UMI’s weakness is also refected in their challenge against common sense and insult to people’ mentality. They say “AMOLED display features more pixels per inch than IPS display”, which is a real laughingstock. Now let’s do some simple mathematics.  A 5.5-inch Amoled display of 720×1280 pixels (such as UMI Rome) will have pixel density of 267 pixels per inch, while a 5 inch IPS display of 720×1280 pixels (such as Ulefone Paris) will also be 290 pixels per inch. How it comes that 267 being a bigger number of than 290?

If UMI Rome is a real good poduct, people may forgive their rediculous marketing skills aforementioned or not yet mentioned. But is it? One of our fans have made a video to give us the answer. However, the answer gives off even more questions.

1. As a smartphone released in 2015, why a company’s knockout product should be equipped with 2-piont-touch capacitive screen that could only be popular  5 years ago? UMI don’t know 5-point and 10-point touch have been very popular since 2012?
2. Why is the display of UMI Rome so grey when sleeping? They can’t even apply full lamination? As in 2015?
3. Why is battery slot of UMI Rome look so rough? They can’t even flatten the separator film?  Have their assembly line take this model seriously?
4. What does “8MP, Max Pixels 13MP” mean in the UMI Rome specs list? Is it so hard for them to say frankly that it is interpolated pixels?
5. We have released 4 updates for our Ulefone Paris and the 5th will  come this month. But how many has UMI planned for their Rome?

We sincerely want UMI to think about the above questions and reconsider their business, their responsibilty, and the meaning of their existence. It’s not easy to be a good company, but if you don’t want, you’ll never be.

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