Nov 5, 2015

UMi aiming high to beat Elephone by stirring up immense amounts of trouble for Elephone

UMi might aspire to be one of the best smartphone companies in the world, but in order to achieve  that, it will have to remove several obstacles from its path. One of them happens to be Elephone, which is the company’s closest rival in the smartphone industry.

The company has stated that several lucky winners will win a free UMi Iron Pro in exchange for smashing their Elephone P8000 to bits. That’s not all that the company is offering; in case the individual does not end up being a lucky winner, they will still receive a 50 percent discount on the purchase of Iron Pro, if and only if, they can upload a video of Elephone P8000 being smashed to pieces.

We are very curious about what Elephone will respond to this.

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nada said...

Elephone have only vocation to sell.. aftersales dont exist.. I hope UMI will be BIG and dont forget the aftersales exist...its very important to be BIG and keep UP

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