Oct 31, 2015

Rockchip Vehicle-mounted Solution - IVN Solution, more than Navigation

With the arrival of large-size screen, devices mounted in large-size cars are become popular to occupy the market. Rockchip has specially released a car-mounted navigation & entertainment solution based on PX2 and PX3.

1. Quick Start and Quick Reserving Tracking.
According to the demand for stable car-mounted product market, Rockchip has launched dedicated car-mounted Android system. For Android IVN products, Quick Start and Quick Reserving Tracking functions are essential.

2. Online Map Navigation can be upgraded FOR FREE. Whether it is Satellite Map, Street View or Planar Graph, it will quickly guide you to the destination, and make every detail known to you before start.

3. HD Automobile Data Recorder. Equipped with highly-integrated HD Automobile Recorder function based on Android system, it will record the scene along the driving route so as to help you resolve any accidental dispute, safeguard your legal right and make your driving much more comfortable.

4. Advanced ADAS Algorithm to enable tracking, distance measurement, vehicle license recognition and anti-collision functions.

5. Different Display in the Same Large Screen, Landscape/Portrait Orientation, Split Screen and Multi-window Operation. It allows you to carry out multitask operations without compromising entertainment and navigation.

6. Connect to Mobile Phone for Control. Mobile phone has become an essential electronic product in our daily life. For car-mounted large-screen navigation system, connection to mobile phone function can help you conveniently push music and video files, and share the Navigation Interface.

7. Support Full HD H.264 Decoding and Voice-control Identification Input. The most powerful multimedia performance will present the user with theater-level experience. As the only product that supports self-developed H.265 hardcore decoding, it is well equipped with various voice-control software including iFLYTEK and Unisound. 


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