Jun 5, 2015

UMi to release details of their UMi Iron very soon

UMi have just released their big battery UMi eMax today at $159.99, but it looks like it won’t be the only one this month as details of the UMi Iron are slowly being seeded. 

So far we don’t have any details of the UMi Iron other than confirming its name and the above photo. From the photo we can see that the device appears to be a unibody alloy phone, and we can just make out the use of a dual LED flash. 

From their recent launch of the eMax we have seen UMi go up to 5.5-inch displays and larger battery specifications, a trend we feel they will continue with their new device. With the weekend here, we will try to get more details of the UMi Iron early next week.

BTW, You can now buy Umi Iron from coolicool.com for only $179.99 with free shipping. Take a look also here - Coolicool 5th Year Anniversary.

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