May 31, 2015

How to easily reset the BIOS of Voyo Mini PC. Download BIOS back-up file from here!

This is a simple guide on how to easily reset the BIOS of Voyo Mini PC. I messed up some settings in BIOS the othe day, as I was trying to install also Android, and somehow I disabled the USB support in BIOS, so I had to reset BIOS to default settings.

If you want to do that, you have to download first 'Voyo Mini PC BIOS' archive from here, here or here. (2,44 MB) I advise everyone to make a copy of a working BIOS, if possible, before doing BIOS experiments. To do that you can simple use the provided afuwin-5.05.04 software. If you disabled USB in the BIOS, just like I did by mistake, only overwriting NVRAM can reset BIOS settings. In this way, there is no need to open the case, to teardown Voyo Mini PC, to reset the CMOS. All the actions are made from Windows environment, so your Mini PC has to be able to boot into Windows. All the following actions that are you will do next are entirely at your own risk.

BIOS details
Archive name: Voyo Mini PC BIOS
Archive size: 2,44 MB
Archive content:  afuwin-5.05.04 (afuwin32 & afuwin64) & Voyo_mini_PC_Bios_Backup_25.03.2015.rom

For flashing NVRAM: 
1. Download the above archive. It is better to extract the content to the disk C. 
2. Open as administrator Afuwingui.exe \afuwin\32\AfuWin32\Afuwingui.exe. 
3. Open original backuped bios. Uncheck default 'Main BIOS Image' and check only NVRAM box. Press Flash. And best of all, start a command prompt as administrator and type, for example: C:\AfuWin32\afuwin.exe BIOS.rom /N  
4. Press exit and restart the PC. After boot go into the BIOS and reset settings to default.

I tested myself and everything worked like a charm. Now my Voyo Mini PC BIOS is back to default settings.


All the credits for this are going to 2 forum members:_NiK user for tutorial and to robertnik user for back-up BIOS file.

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Kent, Kok Yong Ooi said...

i got this unit but only single Windows 8 system. I wish to install dual boot android on it. Do you know anyway how can i do that?
contact me at kentooi87(at)

Unknown said...

I have just got my voyo v2. Installed a new w10 on it and everything worked well until i started to fine tune the bios. I think i set a wrong parameter to the display and now the hdmi has no output anymore. Is there any way to reset the bios without the display? (e.g. pressing a button during power up ?)

Guy V said...

If you disabled USB in the BIOS,
How did you use keyboard to run the BIOS program ?

Evan said...

This worked great for me, my CMOS settings and accidentally turned off all USB devices. Luckily I still had remote access (TeamViewer). I could not get into CMOS settings. This was my only option to regain control from the Voyo V1.

עידו יוסיף אור said...

I’m trying to open VOYO for the 1st time.
both HDMI cable and the other cable are in, but the power button show red color all the time. is it need to recharged for the 1st time?

Zsolti said...

help pls!
where to find bios backup for Voyo V2 ?
bzsolt84 (at)

romaneX said...

If USB is disabled in BIOS, how to use the keyboard/mouse?? Is there a way to flash the BIOS in this condition?

romaneX said...

Please help!

Giuseppe Faro said...

hello excuse my ignorance this bios that mounts v2 is equal to voyo v3? I happened trouble with my mini pc voyo v3 I updated the drivers with a professional software is updated my bios with a firmware so wrong therefore halts the bios, I now need a backup of the voyo bios v3 I can restore that's why I'm asking thanks in advance for your answer.

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