Apr 1, 2015

Allwinner V3 Action Camera Solution Delivers 1080p 70fps HD Video Encoding

Allwinner Technology, an industry-leading mobile application processor designer, today announced its latest V3, a connected, extremely power-efficient action camera solution that supports 1080p@70fps HD video encoding.

Allwinner V3’s implementation of 1080p HD video encoding in H.264 format with up to 70 frames per second enables it to capture superior shots in motion with fine details.   For still images, V3 comes with 8-megapixel camera sensors.  Allwinner’s high performance HawkView® ISP (Image Signal Processor), which is capable of 2D/3D noise reduction, defect pixel correction and distortion correction, is also integrated to enhance image quality.

Designed to be a connected solution, Allwinner V3 will support WiFi or 3G/4G connectivity to enable the camera to be controlled wirelessly from a smartphone or other remote device. Time lapse photography is also supported by V3 action cam solution.

When it comes to specifications, Allwinner V3 has an ARM Cortex-A7 CPU core working around 1.2GHz, and delivers high system integration, including HawkView® ISP, MIPI CSI, parallel CSI, EMAC with PHY, audio codec, etc, further reducing the system power consumption.

Allwinner V3 cam solution main specifications and features include:

- Supports H.264 1080p HD video encoding, up to 70fps
- Supports 8-megapixel sensor, integrated high perfromance HawkView® ISP
- High system integration, including 4-lane MIPI CSI, parallel CSI, EMAC with PHY, audio codec, etc.
- ARM Cortex-A7 CPU core, up to 1.2GHz
- Supports WiFi or 3G/4G connectivity
- Supports time lapse photography
- Extremely low power consumption

The first action cam sporting Allwinner V3 solution will hit the market during the second quarter of 2015.

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