Mar 8, 2015

PIPO C2 Smart Watch Photos

With the more and more popular smart Android Wear devices, many electronics manufacturers also devote into the development and production of wearable devices. And PIPO has also released a new smart watch, which is named as PIPO C2. The PIPO C2 price is 199 yuan, and it is featured with a fashion appearance, separation design, back reciver. It can not only show the basic time, but also can be used as the mobile phone, such as making phone calls, check the messages and listening to music.

The separation design is very special, which means you can separate the dial with the strap. When there is a phone call, you can directly answer it without sliding or pressing any button by just hold up the dial, which is both fashionable and practical, and will protect your privacy.

The beautiful and fashionable appearance with the PIPO C2 is very appealing and will make you full of fashion temperament when dressing on it. On the dial, there is receiver, charging port, the volume button, return key, function key, and so on. And the function key plays the role of switching on/off, switching and confirming with the receiver/speaker, as well as the locking screen with the main interface. It has a clear screen display and very convenient with the viewing time.

Once connected the PIPO C2 with the smartphone, you can make a phone directly with the C2. When the connection of your C2 is broken with the mobile, it will alarm to remind you. On the other hand, when you hold up the dial to answer a phone call, you can still play your mobile, such as watching videos, laying games, and chatting online with you friends, etc, which will not be affected at all, offering you the best smart experience for playing mobiles with answering phones.

Besides, PIPO C2 also has the pedometer function, which can be used to record the steps, calories, speed and mileage and other movement information. At the same time, it is also featured with the rich experience, such as taking pictures at a long distance, controlling the playing of the music, alarm clock, calendar, calculator, etc.

PIPO C2, as a smart watch, which is not only very convenient for watching time, but also support receiving phone calls at any place. It is sure to maker your intelligent life full of more fun.


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