Feb 2, 2015

Multifunctional smart nightlight shine your home like a housekeeper

Smart lamp designers have a lot on their plate nowadays. They already need to care about lamps' color, brightness, power functionality, how well the light suits different environments, energy efficiency and ease on the eyes. But now, they need to think about more modern functions, such as how to merge the lamp into various pieces of smart-furniture. Lights need to be able to interact with music, connect to networks, safeguard your home with security cameras, as well as other things that older lamps could never accomplish.

Normal, traditional lamps are now by comparison boring. But, by adding increased functionality to these old, boring lamps, they are transformed into integrated systems, providing users with a comfortable, secure, high-quality lifestyle. Since the market has a variety of different lighting devices, operationally they differ greatly. Given that smart nightlights are mostly integrated with WiFi network capabilities, operational and expansionary functions are easy to integrate.

The Leeo smart nightlight is an attractive little device - it impress users with its pursuit of simplicity. Users only need to plug it into the socket, download and install the App, and are good to go. At its heart, the Leeo is a nightlight that activates with a literal twist, giving off a soft glow about its circumference. Its functionality extends to being a pair of digital ears when you're away, listening for a smoke detector and/or carbon monoxide detector. It also monitors the temperature and humidity of the room it's in.  If an alarm goes off, or if ambient conditions exceed some pre-defined limit, not only are you informed via an app but you can have it inform your friends (or even emergency responders!) that something's wrong at your house.

Q Light is another easy to operate device, but also a combination of a several different tools in one. Simply as a nightlight, it’s similar to Leeo, but Q light's functionality entails so much more.

Both Q Light and Leeo utilize energy-saving LED as their light source, all capable of 16 million colors. Imagine picking a color for it based on your mood everyday! Bedtime stories come alive when told in a colorful atmosphere.

Have you ever been bothered by looking for the light switch in a dark room, or forgetting to turn off the light? Good news! Q Light was designed with a light, sound, and human body induction switch. It can automatically detect ambient light intensity, detect a human body within five meters, and react to nearby sounds within 10 meters. When the ambient light is less than a preset value, Q Light will automatically light up. It can also self-illuminate when it detects a human body, or when it hears a sound above the selected volume threshold.  Users can also set the startup time through mobile phones, and make any combination of light control, sound control, and toggling of the human body induction trigger conditions.

Q Light can also play the role of a home security guard. It is not a professional monitoring and warning system, but does integrate infrared motion sensor,   monitoring camera and safety alarm. You can easily check on the house/baby/pet/etc. through its eyes. It comes with a high efficiency infrared light, so even at night you can see as clear as day. By setting it to anti-thief alarm mode, it will begin to detect any motion, and react by taking pictures and sending alerts to your phone, allowing you to check what is actually happening, and enables you to make a decision on how to react. You can also command to Q Light to take a picture and send back to you via your mobile phone on demand.

Q Light’s designers believe that in addition to lighting, music is also conducive to healthy sleeping habits. They built in a Mic and Speaker, allowing users to preset music, or record a mother's lullaby. When sleep mode is activated, both volume and light will weaken gradually with time, providing a warm and cozy atmosphere to support a good night's sleep.

Q Light has another interesting design feature in that it can "dance" to music. Its light changes color and brightness rhythmically to the beat and frequency of any nearby music. By playing dynamic music, it creates a party atmosphere with its resulting light show.

The Leeo is available now from the company's website for $99 USD.  The Q Light project has just launched a product prototype on Kickstarter, the actual performance of the Q light is as of yet undetermined. Interested users can participate in the Q Light market research at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/N2KTPVD, and perhaps it's ultimate functionality appearance and price will be influenced by you!


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