Feb 16, 2015

How to use Uyesee SoundMate WM201 WiFi Music Streamer

SoundMate WM201 is a wifi audio streaming device which is able to transform your old speakers to a modern WiFi HiFi Smart Audio System. With Soundmate, you can stream music from local storage or cloud from any of your device by airplay or DLNA streaming protocol, including phone, tablet, laptop, Mac device with a compelete OS support of Android, iOS, Windows or Windows Phone.

Specialized app EZCast ensures a perfect user experience and best compatibility of all the smart device and best audio performance, which support a comprehensive audio formats from normal audio files to lossless audio files, such as flac, ape, wav.

You can download EZCast application free from Play Store or you can simply download the apk file of the latest version 1.3.616 from here.

SoundMate WM201 supports global online update service (OTA) to ensure a good user’s experience and function update. Here you'll find a tutorial on how to easily upgrade firmware on Uyesee SoundMate WM201 WiFi Music Streamer via EZCast app.

Ezcast Music Android application has a nice menu with ten buttons for ten different functions: Music, Web, Cloud Storage, Comment, Update, AirDisk, Radio, DLNA, AirSetup & 3G/4G.

- First button, Music, makes possible to play music stored in your Android device, wirelessly, to your speakers via WM201 WiFi Music Streamer. 
- Second function, Web, helps you to play music from audio/video content websites (Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc).  
- The Cloud Storage allows playing music saved in your Dropbox, Box and Google Drive online account.
- Comment section allows you to read EZCast FAQ and to send messages to the application developers. 
- Update allows you to keep your Android EZCast application updated to the latest versions, offering you news and changelogs;
- AirDisk function let you play music stored on micro SD card or USB drive connected to your WM201 WiFi Music Streamer.
- The Radio function is very well done and organized, it covers over 120 countries and over 10.000 internet radio channels worldwide.
- With DLNA you can use other DLNA compatible application to cast music, like Allcast app, in my case.
- 3G/4G mode offers support for connecting to mobile data on your Android device.
AirSetup offers the following options:
- Music Output: Optical x2, Optical x5.1,
- EQ Mode: Club, Custom, Techno, Live, Full Bass & Treble, Full Treble, Soft Rock, Full Bass, Ska, Soft, Rock, Reggae, Pop, Party, Large Hall, Laptop speakers, Classical, Flat, Dance.
- Internet: to connect to internet via your WiFi hotspot.
- Language: magyar, portugues, Norsk, Suomi, Nederlands, pyccknn, Danks, cestina, italiano, polski, chinese, espanol, Deutsch, francais, English, Auto, Bahasa Indonesia, Svenska, Turk, Slovensky, romana, and many more.
- Password: here you can change the default 00000000 password.
- Upgrade: allows you to upgrade the firmware on the WM201 WiFi Music Streamer. See more details here.


You can also use other casting application with SoundMate WM201 WiFi Music Streamer, like Allcast and AllConnect.


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