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Mar 5, 2015

How I managed to unbrick Rikomagic V5 TV Stick with RK3288 CPU

A few days ago I played with my Rikomagic V5 TV Stick, I flashed a wrong RK3288 firmware and I bricked it.

Everytime I tried to flash back the stock image, after the short circuit of the NAND pins - in the  Mask-Rom mode, I got always the same errors: 'Match device type failed, stop running!' and 'Wait for loader fail', with blue square on the first position in Rockchip Batch Tool. 'Switch' button didn't work neither.


The easiest way to solve this, without need of short circuit of the NAND pins, is to use  Rockchip Create Upgrade Disk Tool v1.4 to make a bootable micro SD card with your device stock firmware, in my case I needed V5 FW_141215 firmware.

So download Rockchip Create Upgrade Disk Tool v1.4, download your device stock firmware, launch the application, in first step select an micro SD card as removable disk to be used, tick 'Upgrade firmware' and 'SD Boot', then Click 'Firmware' and a pop up window will open. Select firmware image .img file and press 'Create' button. Wait about 3-4 minute and you're done.

Now put the micro SD card in your Rockchip RK3288 device and power on. Now you will be able to enter into recovery.

Download 'Unbrick RK3288 devices' archive from here or from here, decompress it and copy the two files update.zip and update1.zip to (another) micro SD card.

From recovery you have to use an USB keyboard or an air mouse and navigate to 'Recovery update from external storage' and first choose 'update.zip', then follow the procedure again and select update1.zip. Next press on 'Reboot system now', and your RK3288 will restart with Nagrace HPH NT-V6 firmware installed.

Now follow the regular procedure and flash back to your RK3288 stock firmware, everything should be back to normal now.

- in my case, if I selected only 'Upgrade firmware' in Rockchip Create Upgrade Disk Tool v1.4, without 'SD Boot', nothing happened. The device refused to install firmware from SD card, maybe you're lucky, so try this first.
- after flashing only the first 'update.zip', my Rikomagic V5 didn't boot normally, just restart into recovery. Finally, after flashing the second update1.zip, it managed to boot into Android. Again, maybe you're lucky in the first place.
- I put the stock firmware on micro SD Card and rename it to update.img, but in the Recovery the option 'Update rkimage from external storage' didn't work for me. Again, maybe you're lucky.
- in the first place none of RockUSB driver version didn't do the job, I tried the version 2.0, 3.5, 3.7, 4.10, so nothing helped with Rockchip Batch Tool or AndroidTool.
- it is possible like this tutorial to apply to all or to others RK3288 devices, or Rockchip devices in general. I don't know that for sure. So if you got one of those errors or the blue square in Rockchip Batch Tools, then you can try this. Maybe it helps.

Enjoy, share is love!

My Rikomagic V5 is back to life now!

To unbrick Amlogic devices please read this article!

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4 comentarii:

Iván Rodríguez said...

Is It possible to change throught this metod the Android TV to Linux SO version??


danyrolux said...

@Iván Rodríguez
Read this http://chinagadgetsreviews.blogspot.ro/2015/04/ugoos-ut3ut3sum3-linux-firmware-for-sd.html

Vágner said...

No work for me.

Unknown said...

Using 'apply update from external storage' i can not choose update.zip and update1.zip. How to do it?

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