Feb 26, 2015

FlyShark Smartwatch - Everything at the Touch of Your Wrist

The FlyShark Smartwatch is your mobile phone, heart rate monitor, exercise tracker, sleep quality monitor and so much more, all at the mercy of your wrist. Sadly, the current class of smartwatches still requires your "smart" phone for basic functions like texting or making and receiving calls. 

With the FlyShark Smartwatch you can send AND receive messages, and make private calls without touching your phone. Also, UNLIKE other hot smartwatch products out there, the FlyShark CAN and WILL function by itself without a phone. Just simply place a Micro-SIM card into the watch and you are set. Your FlyShark will include advanced functions like calling, texting, heart rate testing, exercise tracking, sleep monitoring, built-in camera, Bluetooth and more! 

The Smartwatch comes with a high quality camera that can take photos up to 2,000,000 pixels! Capture clear quality photos while traveling with your FlyShark Smartwatch anywhere you go! 

Need to log and keep track of your workouts for your New Year's resolutions?? Well now you can! Whether you’re just walking along the beach, or running in the neighborhood, use the FlyShark smartwatch to track how fast, how long, and how many calories you're burning. Get into the zone and watch yourself transform into the new you for the New Year! 

You can monitor your heart rate with the FlyShark Smartwatch. Simply hold down the lower-right hand corner button for five seconds and the FlyShark will read your pulse. Watch the screen as it displays your results! 

FlyShark Smartwatch Specifications

If you really like FlyShark Smartwatch then do support in on Kickstarter.

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